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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ticket To Ride III

Part III: Don’t get cocky, kid—You’ve soloed. Time to prep for The Ride!

In our April 2009 issue, Jim Lawrence launched his series of articles about LSA training in a Flight Design CTLS. In the June 2009 issue, he took us through solo. Now, he takes us through the checkride.

Right after soloing in 860LS, the lovely Flight Design CTLS, I feel light as a cloud.

Now what? Can’t do pattern work for the rest of my life—I want to go places! Next task: Start banging away toward the checkride.

To recap, minimums for the sport pilot ticket are 15 hours of dual instruction (including two hours of cross-country instruction) and five hours of solo flight. The rule also requires a single solo cross-country flight (with a total distance of at least 75 miles) to at least two different airports with full-stop landings. One leg of the cross-country flight must be longer than 25 miles.

My brief elation deflates like a soufflé in an earthquake with the thought of all that lies ahead. So...

Back To School
Shooting landings on your home field is a great confidence builder, but now it’s time to venture out into the big bad world. John Lampson, my rock ’n’ rollin’ CFI, says that, next, we’re making a jaunt over to nearby Windham Field (IJD).

Windham is a quiet little nontower airport nestled in the lush, tree-choked Connecticut countryside, 25 miles due east of Hartford (HFD). Lampson wants to improve my ability to recognize and deal with traffic by having me land away from and return to home base.


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