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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Training With A Passion

Michael Goulian’s flight school makes dreams come true

Looking Ahead

Goulian remains active with his other commitments. He has two new sponsors for his air show performances: “aerotainment” outlet and Sony Creative Software, which makes the digital tools Goulian was already using to create the music soundtracks that accompany his air shows. And he’s looking ahead to the possible resumption of the Red Bull Air Races in 2012.

But someday, he realizes, his performing days will come to an end, and you know where you’ll be able to find him then. “When I retire from flying air shows, I want to be able to sit here and be able to do what my dad did, though I don’t think I’ll be able to fill his shoes,” Goulian says. “I’m not a serial entrepreneur. For me it’s about being proud someday that I made the aviation business better than when I got here, and knowing I made the industry better for future generations.”

Michael Goulian’s Top 10 Tips For Proficient Piloting

1) Learn and understand the Pitch-Power-Performance concept.

2) Know and respect the limits of your piloting skills.

3) Know and respect the limits of your aircraft.

4) Don’t ever fly when you’re at the limits of your personal skills or the aircraft’s capabilities. Reach either one and you’re “hanging it out there.” Reach both simultaneously, and disaster is lurking.

6) Don’t substitute technology for judgment.

7) If you rely on your machine to work perfectly to keep you out of trouble, you’re in trouble.

8) Work on short-field landings without the aid of your electronics. If you think 3,000 feet in a light single is short, you need more practice.

9) Listen to your airplane—it’s always talking to you. That new vibration you’ve felt for the past few hours on the hobbs might just be getting ready to ruin your day.

10) Poor airspeed control is the result of poor attitude control. Watch your pitch attitude, and your airspeed will behave.


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