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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Be A Great Pilot!

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Flight-Planning Software
Tools to make you an even better pilot
How prepared are you? The more planning you do on the ground, the safer you’ll be after launching on your next flight. The following are some companies producing products specifically designed to make the job of flying from A to Z, or anywhere in between, easier.

Bernoulli Navigation: This Illinois-based company is the new provider for the Windows-based Destination Direct flight-planning software. Bernoulli acquired Destination Direct in 2007 and provides a variety of features to allow a pilot to customize flight planning, complete with fuel burn, operating costs, and weight and balance. Updates are provided every 56 days. Visit

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC): Falls Church, Virginia-based CSC is one of the major consulting and IT businesses offering flight-planning services to the airlines and general aviation. The company serves such major airlines as Air France, Cathay Pacific and Scandinavian Airlines, as well as corporate and GA clients in need of timely flight-planning services. Visit

Data Transformation Corporation (DTC): Based in the East Coast, DTC is the purveyor of DUAT (Direct User Access Terminal), one of the premier GA information services for the last quarter century. In addition to providing weather information up to and including NEXRAD, DUAT offers preflight route-planning information. Visit

Flight Prep: This EFB and flight-plan provider offers Golden Eagle software for offline route structures, or pilots can go online and receive the benefits of real-time planning, complete with a full set of WAC, sectional and low-altitude en route charts. The system also has a weight-and-balance program to streamline preflight preparations. Visit

Jeppesen: Based in Englewood, Colo., Jeppesen has long been known as one of the primary sources for IFR charts and services. The company offers a variety of en route charts and approach plates, in addition to flight-planning services worldwide. Visit

RMS Technology: RMS in Portland, Ore., is the home of Flitesoft, one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to flight plan. Flitesoft automates virtually every flight task, from weather information and briefings to route planning and weight and balance. Visit

Seattle Avionics: This company produces Voyager Flight Software, which is designed to make flight planning nearly automatic. Voyager will play on a variety of aviation computers, allowing the pilot to fly with a nearly paperless cockpit. Visit


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