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Aviation Safety Training

Founded: 1995; FAA Licenses and Ratings Offered: Advanced Maneuvering Training ("Upset" Recovery) and BFR; Number of Training Airplanes and Types: 6 T-34 Mentor aircraft configured with new Baron spars; Degree Offered: None.

Remarks: We offer a number of safety training courses including the AMP "Initial," which is a two-day, two- to three-flight program. Also offered is the AMP "Intro," a one-day, one flight program. Both of these programs instill a technique for successful recovery from unusual attitudes and out-of-control flight. We also offer formation and spin training and endorsements along with BFRs. Also offered is our "Simulator Module," where we offer a one-day program at Simuflite, Bombardier Pilot Training Centers and FlightSafety. We operate from KDWH (Hooks Memorial Airport) in Houston, TX.

Contact: Don Wylie, 8319 Thora Lane A-5, Spring, TX 77379, (291) 379-2237,


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