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Jeppesen Academy

Founded: 2000; FAA Licenses and Ratings Offered: FAA Dispatcher Certificate; Number of Training Airplanes and Types: None; Degree Offered: None.

Remarks: Jeppesen Academy offers comprehensive training courses and educational programs designed to support every function found within the Airline Operations Control (AOC) environment. Courses range from basic flight operations courses and certification of FAA dispatchers to advanced flight operations courses. In addition, Jeppesen Academy offers a wide range of flight-deck soft skills training and education solutions. This training differs from aircraft- or platform-specific training, in that it is transferable across all aircraft fleets and operational environments. Soft-skills training enhances flight deck performance and operational safety by developing students’ knowledge-based decision-making capabilities. Jeppesen Academy courses are conducted around the world in partnership with Alteon Flight Training Centers. For more information, please visit our Website or call a Jeppesen Academy representative today.

Contact: Any Jeppesen Academy representative, 55 Inverness Dr. East, Englewood, CO 80112-5498, (303) 328-4423,


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