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Article: Lessons Learned Part 2

After earning my private pilot’s license in Alaska in 1980, I wasn’t sure what was next. I loved to fly.

Article: Lessons Learned Part 1

My first flight lessons might have been different than yours, but as with all pilots, those early experiences are still tattooed in my mind. ...

Article: Mustang Mystique

As I lower myself into the rear cockpit, I pinch myself. No, I’m not dreaming. I really am in a WWII P-51D Mustang, about to ride with the Horsemen, the world’s only P-51 aerobatic team, known for their hyperprecise formation aerobatics.

Article: Formation Flying! Part II

Formation flying is a dangerous and, for me, compellingly beautiful and engaging experience. Formation flying is a dangerous and, for...

Article: Air Show Roundup: Oshkosh!

Article: Pitts Specialski

An e-mail that I received said: Report, can I gain the necessary drawings for independent building given plane PITS. Is it Beforehand thanked for answer,Mihail K. An e-mail that I received said: Report, can I gain the necessary...

Article: What Compels An Air Show Pilot?

Explaining why I do what I do is surprisingly easy. The quick answer is that flying air shows is what I’m passionate about. I love it. But beyond that is a story of inspiration, physical endeavor, ongoing learning and camaraderie.

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Article: Cessna 195: Getting Down To Business

There’s no precise way to define...

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Article: SIAI-Marchetti SF.260: Bellisimo In Tre Dimensioni

Just as I'm about to squeeze the trigger, the airplane ahead jinks into a tight, descending right turn, wings nearly perpendicular to the ground, pulling hard. ...

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Article: Bad Girl

There I sat as the consequence of a misunderstanding, watching the ground drop away at a satisfyingly rapid rate.

Article: Micco SP26A: Capable Aerobat

Two-seaters have a special place in general aviation.

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Article: Why Every Pilot Should Take Acro

Article: The Complete Corkscrew Pilot

"I imagine that it's something like taking drugs," says Bill Finagin, Pitts Special Pilote Incroyable.

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