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Article: Honeywell’s KFD 840

Eight pounds. Doesn’t sound like much. But aviators understand the significance of weight—particularly decreasing it. Eight pounds. Doesn’t sound like much....

Article: Qref Books & Checklists

For most general aviation pilots today, a GPS is standard equipment, whether it’s in the panel, on a yoke mount or in a flight bag as a backup device. For m...

Article: Headset Guide: Technology Still Rules

When I came back to aviation after a 20-year absence, one of the biggest changes was headsets.

Article: Avidyne Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck

Article: The New Peltor 9500 Digital Headset

Headsets are funny things. Even though there are scores of them on the market and their job is essentially the same, each headset has its own “personality” and unique feel. Among professional headsets, I’ve found that the “right” one is different for...

Article: Weather In The Cockpit

Article: Ownership Made Easy


Article: Honeywell Bendix/King AV8OR

By now, almost every pilot has had some experience with a portable GPS unit, and the AV8OR does everything that you’ve come to expect from these devices, and more. Bendix/King’s new MFD integrates GPS, navigation database, graphical terrain and XM...

Article: JH Audio Aerous VX-Series Headsets

Article: Fly-In Dining Grows Up

Few things go better with aviating than eating.

Article: Garmin 696: A Giant Leap Ahead

Article: Plane Living

Article: Choosing Your Handheld

Article: Headset How-To

Article: The Hottest Four Seaters

If you’re looking to purchase a four-seat single, then you’ve got no shortage of models to select from. Aside from price range, the models encompass a wide variety of performance capabilities and equipment.

Article: LSA Buyer’s Guide

As a prospective LSA owner, you might justifiably conclude that once you’ve made the crucial decision to buy an aircraft, the most difficult decision is behind you, yes? To quote Comrade Putin: Nyet!

Article: Choosing A Six-Seat Single

Article: December 2008 Readback

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety A...

Article: Tech Talk: Garmin G600 Glass Panel

Article: Co-Ownership: Navigating Airplane Partnerships

It’s a...

Article: Flight Management Systems

Airline and bizjet pilots have been using flight management system (FMS) technology for...

Article: November 2008 Readback

Randall Fishman’s E...

Article: Tech Talk: Spot Satellite Personal Tracker

Article: Top New Products

Article: October 2008 Readback

On July 30, 2008, the PiperJet made its...

Article: Control Vision Anywhere Map XP & ATC

For years now, Control...

Article: Analyze This

No matter how modern an airplane’s engines and...

Article: Sept-Oct 2008 On The Radar

Article: September 2008 Readback

When Vern Raburn...

Article: X-Plane 9.0 Flight Simulator

You may...