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Decision Making

Article: Choose Your Own Adventure

So, you just hit the lottery for a half-million bucks (after tax). This sounds like a big deal, except that it’s redundant because your spouse hit it last week for 10 million.

Article: Choosing A Six-Seater

If it’s really true that buyers of four-seat airplanes often buy two seats more than they need, the same may not be true of purchasers in the six-place class. ...

Article: Beware The Downburst

Contrary to the advice that aviation usually allows you to make most mistakes only once, I’ve been fortunate in 50 years of flying to make virtually all the bad mistakes, in some cases more than once.

Article: LSA Buyer's Guide

What a great time to be a pilot! The economy gains traction, Big Tin (Cessna and Piper) flexes its muscles as more Skycatchers and PiperSports find homes across America, and new S-LSA—111 models as we go to press—continue to come on line.

Article: Four-Seater Buyer's Guide

Four-seat airplanes have always been the most popular configuration in general aviation.

Article: Challenging Runways

What makes some runways more challenging than others? The length? The wind? What you had for breakfast that morning? What?

Article: Managing Risk: VFR Versus VMC

It has been a long day on a long cross-country flight. The weather forecasts have not been very accurate—you’re reminded of a quote from an anonymous wag: "Weather forecasts are horoscopes with numbers."

Article: Airpark Living: Waking Up To Your Dream

If you’re serious about flying, at some point your dreams have wandered to airparks.

Article: Best LSA

The light-sport aircraft industry hangs in there, although sales numbers, as with general aviation, still struggle to gain safe altitude in the stormy economic skies ...

Article: Flying The Corridors

V­FR corridors have served an important function in U.S. airspace since the creation of the old TCAs (Terminal Control Areas) and TRSAs (Terminal Radar Service Areas), now less telegraphically renamed Class B and Class C airspace, respectively.

Article: Best Of The West!

One of the great benefits of general aviation is having easy access to spectacular destinations around the world. One of the great...

Article: Formation Flying! Part II

Formation flying is a dangerous and, for me, compellingly beautiful and engaging experience. Formation flying is a dangerous and, for...

Article: WAAS

The benefits of...

Article: A New License To Learn

Article: First 500 Feet, Part I: Engine Failure!

Article: Weather In The Cockpit

Article: The Last 50 ft.


Article: Controlling Control Pressure

Article: Going The Distance

As pilots,...

Article: Glass-Cockpit Blackout

The NTSB doesn’t just investigate...

Article: True Confessions

If aviation...

Article: The Go/No-Go Decision In Winter

It had been a long day. It...

Article: Weather Encounters

There’s never b...

Article: Flight Planning In The Real World

Article: Waking Up To Fatigue

The FAA is paying renewed attention to human fatigue in...

Article: Turbocharger Trouble

You may already...

Article: The Accelerated Stall

The accelerated stall usually surprises a pilot...

Article: Wings In The Wilderness

The runway lights are still on at...

Article: Tiger Or Demon In Your Tank?

Misfueling occurs when the wrong...

Article: Tight Is Right

It has been said that oil is the blood of an...