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Engine Modifications

Article: Increase Your Power

There are many things in aviation that we'd all like more of: more runway in front of us, more altitude below us, more speed, more fuel in the tanks, more legroom for passengers, more useful load and more engine power all come to mind.

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Article: Getting A Lot For A Little

As much as we'd all like to purchase a newer, bigger or faster airplane, the reality for most of us in these economic doldrums is that we can't. ...

Article: Caring For Your Aircraft

Aircraft ignition systems are one of those things that few pilots give much thought to. We turn the key, the prop turns, the engine catches, and we're off for another day of flying.

Article: Power Trip

With heavy in- and outbound Philadelphia and New York traffic passing overhead, it’s a challenge getting cleared to climb directly to FL280 from Queen City Municipal Airport (KXLL) in Allentown, Pa.

Article: Airplanes, Cars—What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between...

Article: “301 Knots!”

It’s a magic number and one not often ...

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Article: The Author's JetPROP

Ah yes, the first novel. It’s every writer’s ...

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Article: Blackhawk King Air 200XP: “Simply Good Business”

Turboprops have always occupied a unique niche in...

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Article: Straight Talk From Lycoming

In a long-awaited move,...

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Article: Straight Talk From Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts, Inc. (

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Article: "Star Wars!"

Okay, perhaps it’s true other countries outdo the USA when it comes to manufacturing automobiles,...

Article: The Need For Speed!

Go ahead, admit it. When you read all of those pilot reports, you skim them, looking for the...

Article: Accelerating A Mooney

Okay, I admit it. I was a hot-rodder as...

Article: Diesel Skylane

If you fly a typical general-aviation airplane, ...

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Article: Straight Talk From Thielert Aircraft Engines

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