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FAA Regulations

Article: Top Mistakes In Convective Environments

Deep, moist convection, better known as thunderstorms, are the nemesis of all aircraft, big or small. Avoidance is mandatory. Deep, moist...

Article: Flying The Corridors

V­FR corridors have served an important function in U.S. airspace since the creation of the old TCAs (Terminal Control Areas) and TRSAs (Terminal Radar Service Areas), now less telegraphically renamed Class B and Class C airspace, respectively.

Article: Blocked Pitot Tubes

The crash of Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330, in the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009, during a flight from Brazil to Paris focused attention on pitot tubes, although many people had never heard of them before.

Article: Knowing When To Cancel

The other evening, I got a call from a friend who operates a Piper Navajo for his business. He filled me in on what had happened with a flight from his home airport in the Northeast to Miami, Fla.

Article: The Pilot Decides

Each year, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), the union representing FAA controllers, honors members who’ve helped save pilots from dangerous situations that might have resulted in accidents.

Article: WAAS

The benefits of...

Article: Should You Reset A Circuit Breaker?

Article: More Than Monitoring

While I was...

Article: Survivable Ditchings


Article: Icing Awareness

Ten years ago, the...

Article: Parachute Jump Operations

Article: Making ADS-B Work

When it comes to owners being told they must install expensive...

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Article: The FAA’s Capstone Project

General aviation in Alaska is different. Changeable weather and difficult...

Article: What’s RVSM?

The problem was simple: too many airplanes and too little sky. This flies in the face of traditional wisdom...

Article: Catastrophic Structural Failure

The overwhelming majority of airplanes have the potential to keep flying until it’s no longer economically viable to keep them in the air, provided that they’re operated within established parameters, receive regular inspections to detect problems and...

Article: Busting TFRs

Once upon a time, you could pull the airplane out of the hangar, fire up the engine, point it into the wind and fly....

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Article: I Need A Price Check On Runway 6, Please

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Article: How To Keep Older Aircraft Flying

Article: ADS-B: The FAA’s Bold New Bid To Change The Way We Fly

Aircraft owners usually cast a wary eye when the FAA introduces a new technology. With each announcement, owners are concerned about paying a price to retain their rights to use the country’s...

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Article: How Old is Too Old?

In just the last few...