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Article: Words At The Beginning

After you've reached a certain age, when you get an email with a friend's name in the title, you know that the news is never good.

Article: From The Editor: Some Safety Advice & More

Here's hoping your summer flying fun continues for many weeks to come!

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Article: Memories Of Australia

Flying down from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, your course line slowly merges with Australia's east coast as you sneak in from the left. ...

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Article: It’s The Little Stuff That Gets You

The student was driving, and we had just been given clearance to take off.

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Article: Go-Arounds: The Sooner, The Better

Easygoing Gary Meermans, at the time chief pilot for United Airlines, smiled from the right seat as I taxied out at Long Beach for my second hour of multi-engine training in one of the world's most tired Piper Apaches.

Article: APPS For Aviators

It's no secret that iPads—and tablet computers in general—have revolu­tionized aviation in much the same way that GPS navigation has. ...

Article: August 2015 Readback

Cessna Aircraft Company's Citation CJ3+ received certification by Brazil's Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil. Cessna Citation CJ3+ Earns Brazilian Certification

Article: From The Editor: Fly Smarter

We hope you're in the midst of making your summer flying dreams come true. Make the most of those extra hours of daylight!

Article: Stupid Pilot Tricks

My wife worked for Douglas Aircraft at the time, and she'd usually file for whatever vacation time she needed to turn what was nearly a nine- or 10-day holiday into two full weeks.

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Article: Warbirds On A Budget (Sort Of)

The single-engine warbird inventory that's available to us civilians is so deep that it's hard to cover it all.

Article: The ICON A5 Has Arrived

Proving that good things come to those who wait, ICON Aircraft just announced that they've completed their first production aircraft for a customer, with regular aircraft deliveries starting this summer after FAA acceptance.

Article: Mastering Mountain Flying

As part of its effort to reduce the number of general aviation accidents, the NTSB from time to time issues Safety Alerts aimed at general aviation pilots. ...

Article: The Aviator Voice

The other day, as I was pushing my trusty mount out of the hangar, a pilot was having trouble getting a rental Cirrus back in the hangar next door, so I stopped and gave him a hand.

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Article: Frolicking In A Lake

One of the nice things about growing up in Alaska was the opportunity to fly a variety of airplanes.

Article: Florida Flying

For a pilot, South Florida is just a stepping stone and a 60-mile hop across the water to the Caribbean.

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Article: July 2015 Readback

Great weather, record-setting crowds and thrilling air show acts combined to create what many called the best Sun 'n Fun in recent memory, which began on a high note for us on a demo flight with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, compliments of team...

Article: Is The Compass Dead? Is Technology Now King?

Without meaning to, the majority of the population of the industrialized world (and much of the rest) has become wildly dependent on personal technology. ...

Article: No Pilot, No Worries

Drones are everywhere. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are the most talked about segment of the aviation industry, and not a day goes by without something in the news about drones.

Article: Hallway Monitors

The voice had a very indignant tone to it. As if the tower should pay special attention to everything he said.

Article: It’s For You

A pilot using a cell phone in flight, especially during a high work-load segment of a flight, may find the price that might be paid for giving too much attention to the phone is a lot higher than when on the ground.

Article: Andes: Home Of The Mountain Gods

Head south from the U.S. toward Antarctica, and you'll wind up paralleling a chain of mountains longer and taller than anything else in the Western Hemisphere. ...

Article: From The Editor: Sharpen Your Skills

There are many exciting ways to fine-tune your flying skills and learn new techniques while adding a new rating to your pilot certificate. ...

Article: See Better, Fly Better

Over the past few years, I had become increasingly dependent on my annoying prescription glasses.

Article: June 2015 Readback

Aspen Avionics received FAA approval for its ATX100G transceiver. Aspen Avionics' ADS-B ATX100G Certified ...

Article: Touch-Screen Baron

David Shaw is a bit of a perfectionist. His hangar has a wide collection of tools and parts, and all are neatly arranged.

Article: Advanced Ratings

Once in a while, you'll hear someone ask why they should take training past what's required to get a PPL.

Article: Slips And Skids

It's kind of a joke that most pilots don't know how to use their feet, especially jet jocks whose feet are flat on the floor most of the time they're flying. ...

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Article: Taking Off: Aviation Careers 2015

The last five years have proven to be a tumultuous time in aviation careers.

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Article: And Life Goes On

Today has been a hard one for those of us who follow history: First thing this morning, I learned that Alex Vraciu, America's highest-scoring surviving ace, had died. ...

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Article: ADS-B Coming To A Panel Near You

As we ease into 2015, we're less than five years away from the 2020 mandate that will require all aircraft operating in class A, B or C airspace (and Class E airspace at and above 10,000 ft. MSL) in the contiguous U.S. to be equipped with a certified...

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