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Article: Ownership Made Easy


Article: 53 Years Later

I’m 77 and hold a commercial pilot license and an instrument rating. I’ve filled four logbooks. As a child, I made balsa-wood and tissue-paper airplanes. As a teen, I made gas U-Control model airplanes, and I used to ride my bike to the airport...

Article: From the Editor: A Diamond For A Pilot’s Pilot

Article: Personal Aviation At A Crossroads

Five years ago, the first special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) received its airworthiness certificate, opening up a new chapter in the regulation of simple personal flight. More than 1,000 of these factory-built aircraft and more than 8,000 former...

Article: Survivable Ditchings


Article: April 2009 Readback

On January...

Article: Profiles In Vision: Tom Peghiny

I like employing people and...

Article: Return To Goose Bay

When I returned to Goose...

Article: Sport Pilot Daze

Article: Pleasure, Pain & Southern Hospitality

Skylane 250CW, cleared to land, runway two seven.” Those words marked the start of my anniversary weekend in historic Savannah, Ga. The VFR flight to Savannah from Lawrenceville, Ga., on the morning of August 1, 2008, was smooth and uneventful, as was m...

Article: From The Editor: From Dream To Reality

Article: Icing Awareness

Ten years ago, the...

Article: Fly-In Dining Grows Up

Few things go better with aviating than eating.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Questions! So Many Questions!

Article: Retreads & Me

Article: Always The Weather

Article: March 2009 Readback


Article: Learn To Fly: Fun Things You Can Do With Your Certificate

Article: Johnson Creek: Backcountry Fly-In Mecca

Johnson Creek is a remote backcountry airstrip in the mountains of central Idaho.

Article: Entering A New Era

finfIt was one of those cool fall mornings with low, scudding clouds. The kind where you keep blowing on cold, damp hands while loading the airplane and glancing occasionally at the leaden skies, the north country’s harbinger of imminent seasonal c...

Article: From The Editor: Milestones & New Beginnings

Article: 2008 Reno Air Races

In 2001, “the year that never was,” I was part of the initial attempt to race jet airplanes in the Reno Air Races. In 200...

Article: Parachute Jump Operations

Article: Plane Living

Article: The Hottest Four Seaters

If you’re looking to purchase a four-seat single, then you’ve got no shortage of models to select from. Aside from price range, the models encompass a wide variety of performance capabilities and equipment.

Article: Decision Shock? Poppycock!

Article: Adventure Is In The Eye Of…

Article: Renewal

Article: LSA Buyer’s Guide

As a prospective LSA owner, you might justifiably conclude that once you’ve made the crucial decision to buy an aircraft, the most difficult decision is behind you, yes? To quote Comrade Putin: Nyet!

Article: Choosing A Six-Seat Single