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Article: Icing Awareness

Ten years ago, the...

Article: Fly-In Dining Grows Up

Few things go better with aviating than eating.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Questions! So Many Questions!

Article: Retreads & Me

Article: Always The Weather

Article: March 2009 Readback


Article: Learn To Fly: Fun Things You Can Do With Your Certificate

Article: Johnson Creek: Backcountry Fly-In Mecca

Johnson Creek is a remote backcountry airstrip in the mountains of central Idaho.

Article: Entering A New Era

finfIt was one of those cool fall mornings with low, scudding clouds. The kind where you keep blowing on cold, damp hands while loading the airplane and glancing occasionally at the leaden skies, the north country’s harbinger of imminent seasonal c...

Article: From The Editor: Milestones & New Beginnings

Article: 2008 Reno Air Races

In 2001, “the year that never was,” I was part of the initial attempt to race jet airplanes in the Reno Air Races. In 200...

Article: Parachute Jump Operations

Article: Plane Living

Article: The Hottest Four Seaters

If you’re looking to purchase a four-seat single, then you’ve got no shortage of models to select from. Aside from price range, the models encompass a wide variety of performance capabilities and equipment.

Article: Decision Shock? Poppycock!

Article: Adventure Is In The Eye Of…

Article: Renewal

Article: LSA Buyer’s Guide

As a prospective LSA owner, you might justifiably conclude that once you’ve made the crucial decision to buy an aircraft, the most difficult decision is behind you, yes? To quote Comrade Putin: Nyet!

Article: Choosing A Six-Seat Single

Article: Guest-Speaker: The Next Space Race


Article: The Master As Student

With his big rawboned hand almost...

Article: Citizen Near Miss

Pilots have a lot in common. They’re detail-oriented. They like direct routing and a good deal. But, most of all, they love adventure and the chance to go somewhere that few have gone before, especially in an airplane. I’ve often stared at the circled...

Article: Of Bachs & Ganns & Fabulous Words


Article: Glass-Cockpit Blackout

The NTSB doesn’t just investigate...

Article: Memories Of Africa, Part VI

In response to what seems like a...

Article: From The Editor: The Sky's Not The LImit

I first met Lina Borozdina at Oshkosh in 2005, when Richard Branson and Burt Rutan announced a joint venture between Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites to manufacture a fleet of suborbital spacecrafts intended for...

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Article: True Confessions

If aviation...

Article: Space Flight For Sale

While most little children around the world were being read to sleep with soothing fairy tales, Lina Borozdina was getting tucked in for the night with stories of space travel.

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Article: From The Arctic To The Tropics

It’s cold. It’s white. And it’s north. (Very north.) Underneath us...

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Article: Extreme Flying

The horizon is overrated," quips Major Bryan Elsworth from the right seat of the LC-130. I think he's joking, but I'm not positive.