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Flight Planning

Article: Go-Arounds: The Sooner, The Better

Easygoing Gary Meermans, at the time chief pilot for United Airlines, smiled from the right seat as I taxied out at Long Beach for my second hour of multi-engine training in one of the world's most tired Piper Apaches.

Article: Planning A Long Cross-Country

As pilots, we're used to planning flights, and we know preparing for all eventualities helps ensure safer and less stressful flights. ...

Article: 2014 Hot Aviation Careers

In terms of careers in the aviation industry, all the attention has been focused on regional airlines and the hand-wringing as the supply of pilots is drying up. ...

Article: 20 Things You May Not Know About Night Flying

To that end, I studied with one of Hollywood's hardest-working studio lead trumpet players, Bud Brisbois.

Article: Visiting America Airport By Airport

My flight student Matt Rickman and I departed Southern California for Illinois at the end of June, just as summer thunderstorms began to pummel the Midwest. ...

Article: Winter Flying Tips

Winter is as inevitable as aging, and for pilots who live in or fly to the northern latitudes, every winter will present significant challenges.

Article: Aspen Has Connections

It’s becoming an interactive world. Like many of you, I own an airplane that’s a legitimate antique but that will probably outlive me.

Article: Challenge Yourself!

One of the never-ending conversations in aviation starts with, "How does a person become a better pilot?"

Article: Takeoff Mistakes: The Critical Minute

Tom Willett was regarded as a natural. A former USAF navigator, Willett had become one of Globe Aero’s most reliable international ferry pilots.

Article: WAAS Up?!

Lately, several new acronyms have entered the GPS field; most notable among them is WAAS, which stands for Wide Area Augmentation System. ...

Article: Aviation’s Top Websites

In slightly more than a decade, the World Wide Web has gone from being a mere...

Article: Top 10 Pilot Errors

One of the most disturbing statistics about general-aviation accidents is that more than 75% of them are made...

Article: 25 Great Aviation Websites

Anyone looking to...

Article: Jeppesen NavSuite

In the fall of 2004, I closed a review of Jeppesen’s JeppView/FliteDeck 3 with a complaint about the lack of serious flight-planning functions in Jeppesen’s flagship...

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Article: Balancing Act

Sometime back in the dark ages, I was getting ...