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Article: To Go Or Not To Go

Right from the beginning, I knew that we were cutting it tight.

Article: Owners’ Analysis: Eclipse, Mustang & Phenom

Pilot reports can only tell you so much. Back in the glory days of aviation, when the industry was selling 18,000 units a year, manufacturers used to provide airplanes to magazines for several days or even a week for evaluation.

Article: Running With The Big Dogs: A Jet Experience

Don't be in a rush to screw things up!" It's one of many little sayings and memory joggers that 2010 National CFI Of The Year Jeffrey Robert Moss (everyone calls him "MossY") teaches students in his Flying Like The Pros (FLTP) system....

Article: Piper Meridian: Everyman’s Turbine

The benchmarks of speed in general aviation have traditionally been easy to define.

Article: 2012 Piper Meridian

Article: Hope Springs Eternal

Among pilots, hope isn't the only thing that springs eternal; it's the next plane.

Article: 10 Tips For Stepping Up

Most aviators have, at some point in their lives, looked at the cloud-like contrails behind high-flying jets, and ultimately yearned to one day be flying in the flight levels.

Article: The Single-Engine Jet From Diamond

I want one. And if you’re thinking about stepping up to your first jet in the next few years, you will, too, once you fly it. I want one. And if...

Article: Time To Get Typed

A few months ago, a friend who’s getting a Citation Mustang called and asked if I’d be...

Article: The Sierra Stallion

Pilots often nickname airplanes they love and, conversely, ones they...

Article: The Evolution Of Epic

At a time when very light jets are all the rage,...

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