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Article: Light-Sport Aircraft—A New Way To Adventure

Since the introduction of the sport-pilot certificate in 2005, light-sport aircraft (LSA) have been eyed with a mixture of hopeful optimism and cautious indifference. ...

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Article: A Taildragging Hot Rod For The LSA Crowd

If you wonder why it took Mancuso so long to find the Bristell, the manufacturer, BRM Aero of the Czech Republic, wasn't established until late in 2009. ...

Article: A Fighter For The Masses

What can you do with a Sling? In today's world, an aircraft needs to be fun, stable, efficient and—most of all—useful.

Article: Light Sport For 2015

Nobody would argue that the introduction of light-sport aircraft (LSA) changed general aviation in ways unseen since the golden era of Cubs and Luscombes. ...

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Article: Searching For New Lift In The U.S.

If you've ever fooled around with a gravity knife, you can imagine the eureka moment Dr. Reiner Stemme likely experienced while trying to develop a motorglider providing both uncompromising soaring and outstanding powered performance.

Article: The Raven Takes Wing

The kit-built Raven light-sport bush plane was intended to become RANS' flagship crossover into the LSA world.

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Article: Cruising In Zenith’s Cruzer

When the FAA approved the LSA concept at Sun 'n Fun in April 2005, many pilots saw it as an opportunity to get back into the sky at a price that wouldn't bust the family budget.

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Article: Making A Splash In The LSA World

If you need convincing that LSA represent a valuable adjunct to traditional GA models, look no further than the amphibian world.

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Article: The Handsome, All-Terrain Bush Plane

Larry Labor followed a life path many pilots can identify with: After learning to fly in his youth, college, career (pharmacist) and family all conspired to keep him from the joys of the sky for decades.

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Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: The LSA Decade

Personal flight has never been quite the same since.

Article: The“i”s Have It

The family resemblance between the CTLSi and the original CT is clear, reflecting the series' evolutionary development.

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Article: Celebrating 10 Years Of Sport Aviation

The 10th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo drew a near-record crowd of more than 20,000 to Sebring Municipal Airport (SEF) in mid-January for what has become the nation's premier sport-aircraft showcase and the kickoff to general aviation's annual...

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Learn To Fly The LSA Way

No doubt you've heard about the light-sport aircraft (LSA) category and the sport-pilot (SP) rule. Let's take a look to help you decide whether LSA is the right nest for you.

Article: A Retro Comeback LSA

It's the first day of the AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, and I'm sitting in a diminutive S-LSA known as the SAM.

Article: LSA Buyer's Guide 2014

Since our last buyer's guide, we've weathered a government shutdown and an LSA market still coping with a modestly recovering economy.

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Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Prop-Pourri

One of my favorite websites is Gizmag, a kind of Dyson vacuum for all the latest tech/science/gadget newsbits that come at us every day. ...

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: The Lindbergh Way

Last month, I shared Erik Lindbergh's highlights of his first solo flight in an ultralight aircraft—that just happened to be an electric-powered airplane: the GreenWing International eSpyder e280.

Article: The New Old Classic

It's a sidewalk-egg-frying, breath-gasping hot Southeastern U.S.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: The Lindbergh Way

There's an ineffable pleasure, a kind of shy excitement, that comes with sitting down with an aviation luminary you've admired for some time. ...

Article: I Fly The Body Electric

My bird of silent wing is the new, long-anticipated GreenWing eSpyder LS280.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: If You Build It…

We're shooting the breeze inside the big, brand-new 80x80-foot hangar they've just completed—at their very own country airport.

Article: Full-Metal Funship

"You've got the RV grin on your face," says my genial demo host Mitch Lock, and indeed, I do.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Hansen Family Values

Jon Hansen has been a major player in the LSA movement since it was merely a twinkle in the FAA's eye.

Article: The Big Picture

That's the question that pops into my mind, 10 minutes into my Magnaghi Sky Arrow 600 demo flight with Hansen Air Group's Mike Hansen.

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Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Europe’s Disneyland For Airplanes

For many sport aviation-industry watchers at this year's Aero trade show—it's the annual European bash right after our Sun 'n Fun—the star attraction was Peter Funk's magnificent FK51 Mustang.

Article: Searching For The Ideal Airpark Airplane

The T-hangars at Big South Fork Airpark (BSFA), an upscale 450-acre development adjacent to the spectacular Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in northeastern Tennessee, house a fleet as varied and practical as the airpark's property...

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Article: 2013 LSA Buyer’s Guide

The economy is resurgent, and light sport has weathered the storm.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: The Long View

Roaming through the expansive winged carnival that is the annual Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo, I fairly marvel each year at how much changes from visit to visit—and how much doesn't.

Article: Badlands Buster

I'm about to commit aviation at Paradise City, the light-sport/ultralight demo area of Sun 'n Fun's annual Fly-In & Expo.

Article: Light-Sport Chronicles: Spine Of Steel

One more thing: She just earned her sport-pilot wings. And she did it all from a wheelchair.