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Article: An Italian Light Twin Returns To Claim Its Star

Like a rock star of a certain age going back on the arena circuit, rumors of the return of the light twin formerly known as Partenavia—now the Vulcanair—have echoed around the domestic GA world for the better part of a decade.

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Article: More Than Simply The Fastest

Even if you've never flown one, Mooneys have a universal appeal as tough, quick-handling, economical, fast machines, often analogized as sport planes. ...

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Article: Return Of The Great Lakes

Time flies, and so do I when I'm having fun. Call me a purist, but flying an open-cockpit biplane has always seemed the simplest and most elemental form of aviating. ...

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Article: Speedier And Sportier

The airport at Palatka (28J), a sleepy farming community in Northeast Florida, lies a scant 26 nm from historic St. Augustine's KSGJ. ...

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Article: Citation Step-Up Magic

Cessna understands the old wisdom that when you reduce the price, you appeal to new buyers, and when you add performance, old customers upgrade. The new Citation M2 demonstrates that seriously good things happen when you can do both.

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Article: Lady Of Water & Sky

What does one wear to fulfill a dream?

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Article: Fourth Time’s A Charm

Most people who buy twin-engine airplanes do so for one of three reasons.

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Article: There's Something About A Bonanza

It seems everyone loves the straight-tailed 36 Bonanza.

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Article: The Big Picture

That's the question that pops into my mind, 10 minutes into my Magnaghi Sky Arrow 600 demo flight with Hansen Air Group's Mike Hansen.

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Article: Searching For The Ideal Airpark Airplane

The T-hangars at Big South Fork Airpark (BSFA), an upscale 450-acre development adjacent to the spectacular Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in northeastern Tennessee, house a fleet as varied and practical as the airpark's property...

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Article: Decathlon Xtreme

Here's one for you: Next year, 2014, the Citabria will be 50 years old.

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Article: Turning Airpark Dreams Into Lifestyle Realities

They may have roads and utilities, homes and happy families, but residential airparks are far from your typical American community—unlike, say, a Muncie, Ind., celebrated and studied by social scientists for its averageness.

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Article: An Old Stalwart Gets New Attention

Scott County Airport (SCX) in Oneida, Tenn., was readying for its ninth annual autumn air show, and vendor trucks and booths were starting to fill the perimeter of the ramp.

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Article: The Alpha Bet

Yet the Alpha story goes way beyond economics.

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Article: The Epic LT

Sometimes, a name says it all, and the story of the Epic LT is nothing if not, well—epic.

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Article: The Sleeper

I'm already at ease with this unique, stylish little S-LSA.

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Article: Mustang Teaching Machine?

For many pilots, speed is the narcotic that attracted them to the discipline in the first place.

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Article: The Lively Bird

The Rans S-7LS Courier, newly reworked for 2012 by its brainy, creative, airplane-loving designer Randy Schlitter, has been around for a number of years. ...

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Article: Diamond's Family Star

Fixed-gear singles have assumed the mantle that once belonged to retractables.

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Article: The Look-Homeward Angel

The Comet carries the DNA of all those ships, yet the biplane sportster/aerobat represents a breakthrough of sorts as the first fully aerobatic two-seat SLSA and the first biplane.

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Article: Big-Time Adventure

It only takes one low-level flight through southern Utah to see why many consider it to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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Article: Cirrus SR22 GTS: The Perfect Plane?

Some aircraft change the game. Looking back, designs like the Cessna 172, the Beechcraft Bonanza, Piper Cub, Mooney M20 and a handful of others have changed the way aviators—and outsiders—perceive general aviation.

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Article: Drinking, Driving And Flying

When FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt resigned after being arrested by police in Fairfax City, Va., on a drunk-driving charge, some of my pilot acquaintances were quick to express astonishment at the irony of Babbitt himself likely having to face the...

Article: Carbon Dating

So what draws him, with all his aviation experience, to the cockpit of the CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS?

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Article: Sweet Harmonizin’

One of the very first LSA I flew was the Evektor SportStar, an all-metal, low-wing monoplane with a cute bubbly profile and a stable, confidence-inspiring, long-distance-comfortable, easy-to-fly flight personality.

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Article: Pipistrel Virus: Triple Your Pleasure

Maybe she dressed kinda funny. Maybe he kept to himself. She was a little eccentric, joined after-school clubs and was an A student.

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Article: Piper Meridian: Everyman’s Turbine

The benchmarks of speed in general aviation have traditionally been easy to define.

Article: An Extra For The High Road

Single-engine turboprops are a relatively recent development in general aviation.

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Article: Skylane For The Flight Levels

Back in 1979, I purchased one of the very first Mooney 231s, my first-ever new airplane.

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Article: Diamond DA40 XLS: Premier Edition

Those of us in the aviation press privileged to review new aircraft are sometimes taken to task for not being appropriately critical.

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