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Pilot Reports

Article: Phoenix Motorglider: Chase The Shouting Wind

Cruising under power through footless halls of air, Jim Lee and I thread our way between vaulting rises of cotton-edged clouds. Under one big cumulus high-rise with a flat, dark-gray bottom and a wispy penthouse, we feel a promising bump of lift. ...

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Article: 2011 Cirrus SR22T: Commemorating 10 Years Of GA Innovation

It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since Cirrus launched the SR22. It’s doubtful that many people had any idea that, from its humble beginnings in 1984, the company that brothers Alan and Dale Klapmeier built would produce what would become the...

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Article: Evektor Sportstar Max: An LSA For All Seasons

I stand by the Evektor SportStar Max at the 2nd Annual Midwest LSA Expo in Mount Vernon, Ill., talking with a gentleman (let’s call him Gary), who epitomizes the typical “hot prospect” to buy a high-end S-LSA.

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Article: DA 42 In The Second Generation

In seeming obedience to the time-honored directive on how to make a small fortune in the airline industry (start with a large one), the major people movers of the world are having a progressively more difficult time staying in business.

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Article: The Single-Engine Jet From Diamond

I want one. And if you’re thinking about stepping up to your first jet in the next few years, you will, too, once you fly it. I want one. And if...

Article: Cessna 162 Skycatcher: It’s Here!

The proliferation of LSA since the FAA announced the first approval at Sun ’n Fun 2005 has been little short of amazing.

Article: Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A: Little Big Jet

Thirty years ago, in what turned out to be a career mistake, I abandoned objective journalism and essentially sold out (for a pile of money, a big expense account and a twin-engine company airplane) to edit a group of corporate magazines for a major...

Article: Cubbing Around


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Article: American Champion Super Decathlon: Flight With Greg Koontz

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