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Article: European Flyover

If speed is aviation’s ultimate excess, altitude is its great equalizer.

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Article: Airport Etiquette

Small general aviation airports around the country, indeed around the world, are the safest, most hospitable places I know.

Article: Balance And Presence

Sitting at home one recent weekend, I didn't have an air show, but I sort of wished I were at one.

Article: Oshkosh ’15

Having been there so many times, I found myself seeing the grounds much the same way I see my old hometown.

Article: The Real Challenges Of Space

Like so many kids who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, I was fascinated by space travel. Most of the kids I knew in Alaska had the same fascination. ...

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Article: The Rewards Of Flight Instructing

For years, people suggested I start an aerobatic school, but I hemmed and hawed about it. It seemed like a lot of work for little money. ...

Article: Words At The Beginning

After you've reached a certain age, when you get an email with a friend's name in the title, you know that the news is never good.

Article: Memories Of Australia

Flying down from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, your course line slowly merges with Australia's east coast as you sneak in from the left. ...

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Article: Loss Of Control

Recently, the NTSB came out with its 2015 "Most Wanted" list of transportation safety improvements. At the top of the list was "Loss of Control." ...

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Article: It’s The Little Stuff That Gets You

The student was driving, and we had just been given clearance to take off.

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Article: From The Editor: Fly Smarter

We hope you're in the midst of making your summer flying dreams come true. Make the most of those extra hours of daylight!

Article: Avionics Academy: How Will The FAA Monitor ADS-B Compliance?

It's actually easier to answer the second part of that question than the first.

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Article: Mastering Mountain Flying

As part of its effort to reduce the number of general aviation accidents, the NTSB from time to time issues Safety Alerts aimed at general aviation pilots. ...

Article: The Aviator Voice

The other day, as I was pushing my trusty mount out of the hangar, a pilot was having trouble getting a rental Cirrus back in the hangar next door, so I stopped and gave him a hand.

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Article: Avionics Academy: Why Panel-Mount (TSO) Avionics Cost So Much

The answer has a lot to do with the way the avionics industry has developed in the last century.

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Article: From The Editor: Flying Out Of The Country

Flying to an exotic destination like the Bahamas may seem like a daunting, out-of-reach pipe dream.

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Article: Avionics Academy: Planning For Avionic Obsolescence

That's just one symptom of a larger problem—modern avionics simply can't be expected to last as long as old radio stacks.

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Article: Andes: Home Of The Mountain Gods

Head south from the U.S. toward Antarctica, and you'll wind up paralleling a chain of mountains longer and taller than anything else in the Western Hemisphere. ...

Article: From The Editor: Sharpen Your Skills

There are many exciting ways to fine-tune your flying skills and learn new techniques while adding a new rating to your pilot certificate. ...

Article: Disappearing Airliners

Okay, I know that airliners spend a lot of their time being tracked on someone's radar scope and talking to ATC, so the assumption is that someone, somewhere knows exactly where they are at all times.

Article: Avionics Academy: Why Not Portable ADS-B Out?

After all, there are now dozens of portable ADS-B gizmos out there, all much cheaper than panel-mount, and VFR pilots can get by with portable GPS. So, why not portable ADS-B?

Article: And Life Goes On

Today has been a hard one for those of us who follow history: First thing this morning, I learned that Alex Vraciu, America's highest-scoring surviving ace, had died. ...

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Article: What Good Is ADS-B Out?

What good is ADS-B Out, and why is the FAA adding a requirement for it?

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Article: The Inhofe Accident

There has been no stronger advocate on Capitol Hill for general aviation and the pilot community than Senator James Inhofe, Republican, of Oklahoma. ...

Article: One Man’s Junk Is…

My own airplane-in-a-barn story didn't involve a barn.

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Article: From The Editor: Desert Flying

The vast Mojave Desert has a dramatic aviation history as a test bed for experimental military and civilian aircraft.

Article: Here Comes The Electric Airplane

The whole concept of flying with nothing more than electric power seems somehow anathema to aviation.

Article: Too Late Gives No Warning

They live their retirement dreams before retiring.

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Article: Drug Use Trends

The NTSB looked at accident records between 1990 and 2012 for what was a retrospective review of data.

Article: From The Editor: A Plane For Every Type Of Pilot

Our comprehensive 2015 Buyer's Guide features aircraft for all kinds of pilots, from light-sport planes and single pistons to turboprops and jets. ...

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