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Piston Singles

Article: Safety & Performance In Style

You know you're not in for any surprises when flying a Cirrus.

Article: Singles For 2015

Competition is good for everyone, and 2015 promises to provide just enough to make things interesting.

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Article: From Avgas To Jet A

How many prospective aircraft owners would opt for the performance of an experimental homebuilt aircraft if it didn't involve flying an airplane they had to build themselves?

Article: Return Of The Great Lakes

Time flies, and so do I when I'm having fun. Call me a purist, but flying an open-cockpit biplane has always seemed the simplest and most elemental form of aviating. ...

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Article: Finding A Czech Mate For Flying Adventures

It was a Cinderella story gone bad in 2011 when Piper Aircraft, just one year after plucking the sleek Czech-built CSA SportCruiser from obscurity and rechristening it the PiperSport.

Article: An Airplane For The Jeep Trail

There's a fairly famous photo of a Maule taildragger lifting off and pointing uphill at about a 40-degree pitch attitude.

Article: A Natural Gas To Fly

The patchwork of farms and wetlands disappearing in all directions below made it hard to believe the world's largest gathering of airplanes was being celebrated just a few miles away.

Article: Piston Singles Buyer's Guide 2014

The prognosis for single-engine sales in 2014 remains mixed, but there are signs of improving times.

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Article: There's Something About A Bonanza

It seems everyone loves the straight-tailed 36 Bonanza.

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Article: The Sound Of Thunder

From the second the throttle goes forward for takeoff, it's apparent this will be a very different experience.

Article: Searching For The Ideal Airpark Airplane

The T-hangars at Big South Fork Airpark (BSFA), an upscale 450-acre development adjacent to the spectacular Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in northeastern Tennessee, house a fleet as varied and practical as the airpark's property...

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Article: Decathlon Xtreme

Here's one for you: Next year, 2014, the Citabria will be 50 years old.

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Article: Prius With Wings

We cruise along in the sleek, comfy Pipistrel Sinus motorglider on a northwest heading, plying the butter-smooth air at 8,500 feet and 105 knots. ...

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Article: Down & Dirty

How would the fancy SR22 perform on a mountain strip, dueling in the dirt with more rugged distant cousins?

Article: The Taildragger Reborn

I'm reminded, in every detail, what top-quality, beautifully crafted airplanes this company makes.

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Article: Piston Singles Buyer's Guide 2013

The good news for 2013 is that a new model was added to the production ranks late in 2012.

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Article: Husky Dawn Patrol

The early morning sunlight glinting off the crystal waters of Lake Pend Oreille (roughly pronounced "pond-o-ray") and reflecting back off our Husky's bright-yellow wing is too much for even my military-spec sunglasses to handle.

Article: Mustang Teaching Machine?

For many pilots, speed is the narcotic that attracted them to the discipline in the first place.

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Article: Cirrus SR22 GTS: The Perfect Plane?

Some aircraft change the game. Looking back, designs like the Cessna 172, the Beechcraft Bonanza, Piper Cub, Mooney M20 and a handful of others have changed the way aviators—and outsiders—perceive general aviation.

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Article: 2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS

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Article: Gipps Airvan: Don’t Call It A Caravan

When you think of dedicated utility airplanes, what's the first machine that comes to mind: a Cessna Stationair, a Cherokee Six, a Cessna Caravan? George Morgan of GippsAero in Moreland, Australia, has a slightly different answer to that question...

Article: Piston Singles Buyer’s Guide 2012

Despite what some folks believed was a down economy for piston aircraft, there are still nearly four dozen models on the market, and all 11 manufacturers seem to be standing strong against the recession.

Article: The Littlest Boeing

Shortly after I purchased my first airplane in 1968 (a Globe Swift), I shared an executive hangar with a Ryan PT-22 and a Big Yellow Stearman, the latter owned by a retired Pan Am captain.

Article: Skylane For The Flight Levels

Back in 1979, I purchased one of the very first Mooney 231s, my first-ever new airplane.

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Article: Diamond DA40 XLS: Premier Edition

Those of us in the aviation press privileged to review new aircraft are sometimes taken to task for not being appropriately critical.

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Article: Piper Archer: 50 Years & Counting

Learning to fly is, in many respects, simpler than it's ever been.

Article: 2011 Cirrus SR22T

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Article: 2011 Cirrus SR22T: Commemorating 10 Years Of GA Innovation

It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since Cirrus launched the SR22. It’s doubtful that many people had any idea that, from its humble beginnings in 1984, the company that brothers Alan and Dale Klapmeier built would produce what would become the...

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Article: Dreams Of Ownership Fullfilled!

Even nature reserves orange for only the most special of offerings: sunsets, habanero peppers, clown fish and Cheetos. An orange airplane, then, is really something. ...

Article: Backcountry Monster: The Legend Of Bigfoot

Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings,” wrote Gordon Lightfoot in his wrenching ballad about the sinking of the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975, “in the rooms of her ice-water mansions.”