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Piston Singles

Article: World's Best Trainer

The lady in my life, Pilot Peggy, is in the process of learning to fly.

Article: Cessna 170A: Rebuild Of A Lifetime, Literally

One of the benefits of writing about airplanes for a living is that I’m often entrusted to fly some truly wonderful machines.

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Article: Sports Sedan Of The Six-Place Singles

It’s hard not to love a Bonanza, especially if it’s the stretched model 36.

Article: Beechcraft Bonanza G36

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Article: Fixed-Gear Speed Demon

If you fly most of your flights on the West Coast or rely on your airplane for on-demand business or personal travel to virtually any destination, turbocharging is more than a convenience.

Article: Step Up To The Super

To stare out at the world from either seat in a Waco is to wonder where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Article: King Kong "Little" Cub

I used to have a buddy in the drag-racing business who claimed that given enough horsepower, you could push a Peterbilt through the Mach in a quarter mile. ...

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Article: Capetown Racing

Given this 50:1 advantage, floatplanes or seaplanes make a lot of sense; there are many places you can land, plus you can reach interesting locations you never considered in a land plane.

Article: Cirrus SR22T: Turbo Without the STC

Has it really been a full decade since Alan and Dale Klapmeier introduced the first version of the airplane that would eventually conquer the general aviation world? ...

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Article: 2010 Remos GX Avıator II The Joy Of Flight

A high, dense line of clouds has moved over Great Barrington Airport (GBR) in western Massachusetts.

Article: 2010 Remos GX Avıator II

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Article: High-Class Cruiser

This is the story of three jaw-dropping moments that followed my introduction to the gorgeous, new Tecnam P2008. This is the story of three...

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Article: Evolution Of An Original

About a decade ago, I was hired to fly an Aerostar 700 from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to London, U.K., with Captain Mike Miller, chief pilot for Cathay Pacific Airways. ...

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Article: The Most Affordable Singles

While our last buyer’s guide [“Buyer’s Mini-Guide To Four-Seat Singles,” P&P April 2010] included a smorgasbord of new airplanes, this one deals with used aircraft and draws from an even wider field.

Article: Piper Matrix: The Second-Year Test

When Cessna introduced the P210 back in 1978, I was one of those idiots who predicted they’d have a hard time selling “any single-engine piston airplane with a base price over $100,000.”

Article: Top 20 Tips For Buying An Airplane

There’s no feeling that matches that of buying an airplane.

Article: 8GCBC Scout: Up In Flames

I was standing beside the runway at Fox River Airport in Rochester, Wis., home airport to American Champion Aircraft (www.amerchampionaircraft.com), to see the company’s stalwart 8GCBC...

Article: Now And Future LSA

Remember those grade-school history-book pictures of Conestoga wagons with “California or bust” painted on their sides? R...

Article: Buyer’s Mini-Guide To Four-Seat Singles

Traditional wisdom has it that most light airplane buyers purchase two seats more than they need.

Article: Bear 360: Living The Warbird Dream!

Designed for aspiring warbird pilots who lack the funds for a P-51 Mustang, the Bear 360 has a price tag roughly equivalent to that of a new Cessna 172.

Article: Cessna 162 Skycatcher

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Article: Cessna 162 Skycatcher: It’s Here!

The proliferation of LSA since the FAA announced the first approval at Sun ’n Fun 2005 has been little short of amazing.

Article: 170-Knot SUV

As one of the premier general aviation manufacturers, Cessna has always enjoyed something of a utility image.

Article: Rocky Mountain High: The Aviat Husky

4:19 a.m. That’s what the clock read as I stared at it for the fifth time in an hour. I was trying to sleep and it just wasn’t working.

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Article: Bonanza In The 6th Decade

When I was a college student about XX years ago, one of the coolest cars on the planet was the Jaguar XKE.

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Article: Mooney Ovation 3: Turbo Performance Without The Turbo

Say what you will about American cars, but America builds some of the best civilian airplanes in the world. In the lower rungs of general aviation, especially trainers through four-seat retractables, American flying machines have virtually no equal. ...

Article: A New Cirrus With A New Boss

Article: Caravan for the Jet Set

Ride in the back of Brian Linehan’s new Grand Caravan, and you’d hardly know you were traveling in a $2 million single-engine turboprop rather than in a $6 to $8 million corporate twin jet.

Article: 2009 Cessna 172S: Skyhawk In Year 53

Is it just me, or does the Cessna Skyhawk seem younger than 53? After...

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Article: 1953 Piper PA20 Pacer

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