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Piston Singles

Article: Improbable Pacer


Also labeled: Specs

Article: 2009 Diamond DA40 XLS

Also labeled: Specs

Article: King Me!

Todd Peterson built this STOL-bred King Katmai precisely to enable such thread-the-needle landings.

Article: Liberty XL2 Vanguard: The Soul Of A Tiger

The mission was an intriguing one: I would fly the brand-new Liberty Aerospace XL2 Vanguard Edition for a pilot report along California’s Malibu coast.

Article: The Hottest Four Seaters

If you’re looking to purchase a four-seat single, then you’ve got no shortage of models to select from. Aside from price range, the models encompass a wide variety of performance capabilities and equipment.

Article: Choosing A Six-Seat Single

Article: Maule MXT-7: Simplicity Redefined

Back in the last century,...

Article: Cessna 350: Cessna’s New-Generation Single

If you want to...

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Article: 2009 Pilatus PC-12 NG

Also labeled: Specs, Turboprops

Article: Second-Generation Pilatus PC-12

Also labeled: Turboprops

Article: YIPPEE: Evolution Of A Thoroughbred

Roy LoPresti was one of those people who should have been allowed to live forever. I was proud to call Roy a friend and mentor, the smartest man I ever met on the subject of little airplanes.

Article: The Ageless Skylane

Article: With Six, You Get Aileron Roll

"Uh oh,” crackles Rand...

Article: For Town & Country

We’re on an Expedition. Two o...

Article: Project 182, Part III

Article: A Trainer With Attitude

As of two years...

Also labeled: Learn To Fly, Trainers

Article: In Love With The AT-6

On the ground, a T-6 Texan looks...

Article: Cirrus Perspective

When the engineers at Cirrus Skunk Works branded the...

Article: Aviat Husky A-1C

The lights of Lakeland, Fla., sparkle a thousand feet...

Article: Mooney Acclaim Type S: Still The Fastest!

A few inches away, the world...

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Article: Redressing A Skylane: Project 182, Part II

Someone in the aircraft...

Article: Stinson 108-3 On Edo 2425 Floats

Also labeled: Seaplanes

Article: Water Stinson

Lake Winnebago isn't agreeable today, as we splash out from the Oshkosh Seaplane Base.

Also labeled: Seaplanes

Article: Resurrecting A Dream

Bill Morrison, a pilot with...

Article: 2008 Cirrus SR20-G3: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Most pilots equate progress in flying...

Article: Project 182, Part I

Here at Plane & Pilot, we seem to enjoy...

Article: Flying Into The Future

Baby boomers can appreciate the urge to have a little work done as a milestone birthday approaches: tone up...

Article: Piper Matrix: The Pressure Is Off

Marathon Key...

Article: Cessna Skyhawk: Four-Seat Trainer?

I have a friend who recently began...

Article: A Really New Skylane

Cessna naysayers would complain that the company's line of high-wing singles has changed little since its inception, save a continuing, but sometimes diminutive, evolution of enhancement and refinement.

Also labeled: Glass Cockpits