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Piston Twins

Article: An Italian Light Twin Returns To Claim Its Star

Like a rock star of a certain age going back on the arena circuit, rumors of the return of the light twin formerly known as Partenavia—now the Vulcanair—have echoed around the domestic GA world for the better part of a decade.

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Article: Seven Twins For The New Year

Piston twins have gradually dwindled down to a precious few.

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Article: Twin-Engine Pistons Buyer's Guide 2014

The market for piston twins will probably never die as long as the airlines continue to need pilots, and that need is predicted to become even more prevalent in the near future.

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Article: Fourth Time’s A Charm

Most people who buy twin-engine airplanes do so for one of three reasons.

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Article: An Old Stalwart Gets New Attention

Scott County Airport (SCX) in Oneida, Tenn., was readying for its ninth annual autumn air show, and vendor trucks and booths were starting to fill the perimeter of the ramp.

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Article: Piston Twins Buyer's Guide 2013

Piston twins have gradually dwindled down to a precious few. Back in general aviation's mod

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Article: Diamond's Twin For 2012

Diamond Aircraft of Austria reasoned there was room for one more multi.

Article: Piston Twins Buyer's Guide 2012

Back in the '70s and '80s, there were nearly two dozen twins on the market.

Article: 2009 Tecnam P2006T

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Article: New Light Twin From Italy

Naples, Italy, April 18, 1986: Today, I’m first in line for takeoff from Naples toward our initial destination of Nice, France. It has taken all morning to assure that the paperwork is up to Italian standards, but we’re finally ready, or so I hope.

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Article: Better-Than-New P-38

“A f...

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Article: The Mystique Of The Baron

If you're wondering if the new Baron G58 is an airplane I don't like, then you've come to the wrong place. The current version of the Baron 58 is almost impossible not to love.

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Article: Beech Travel Air

The grass around the 1958 Beech Travel Air was...

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Article: An Unusual Seneca II

Kim Bass is an unusual pilot with an unusual airplane....

Article: Seneca V: Little Big Twin

At the risk of compromising my alleged objectivity,...

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Article: Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

Some pilots will do anything, ...

Article: “301 Knots!”

It’s a magic number and one not often ...

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Article: Adam A500

There has always been some debate about the justification for piston twins. True, the second engine may get you home if one mill quits, but standard asymmetric-thrust multis haven’t exactly enjoyed a sterling safety record. In too many instances,...

Article: The Baron Of Glass

Walter Beech was born with a nearly H.G. Wellsian vision...

Article: Blackhawk King Air 200XP: “Simply Good Business”

Turboprops have always occupied a unique niche in...

Article: Aerostar 702: Still The Fastest

There's something almost magical about staring out at your own reflection in the left, polished spinner of an Aerostar, watching it whirl along at 2,300 rpm six feet from your left ear.

Article: 1964 Turbo Twin Comanche N4YA

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Article: Geronimo!

Let’s just say that you own a flight school in a h...

Article: Seneca In The Fifth Generation

Old home week, I reminisced, as I sat in the left front seat of the 2005 Seneca V. Well, perhaps not exactly. ...

Article: Diamond Twin Star: 21st Century Multi

Perched in the...