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Article: Flying Floats

What do pilots talk about at dinner? You guessed it.

Article: Lady Of Water & Sky

What does one wear to fulfill a dream?

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Article: Splash In

For two days each September, the shores and skies of the quaint Central California town of Lakeport are taken over by the Clear Lake Splash-In. ...

Article: Backstage With A Rock Star

“Rock star.” It’s a phrase you frequently hear when talking to Kirk Hawkins, founder and CEO of Icon Aircraft in Los Angeles, Calif. (function(){ var flashvars = {affiliateSiteId:"85996", widgetId:"108329",...

Article: Stinson 108-3 On Edo 2425 Floats

Also labeled: Piston Singles

Article: Water Stinson

Lake Winnebago isn't agreeable today, as we splash out from the Oshkosh Seaplane Base.

Also labeled: Piston Singles

Article: See Italy By Seaplane

Cesare Baj dropped the first notch of flaps on the Lake Buccaneer as we circled Castelli di Cannero, a castle from the 13th century.

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Article: Flying With Floats

You ready for your check ride?” asks Tom Brady of Traverse Air nonchalantly. What the heck i...

Article: Learning To Fly Seaplanes

For many pilots, attaining ...