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Single-Engine Piston

Article: The Raven Takes Wing

The kit-built Raven light-sport bush plane was intended to become RANS' flagship crossover into the LSA world.

Also labeled: LSAs

Article: Cruising In Zenith’s Cruzer

When the FAA approved the LSA concept at Sun 'n Fun in April 2005, many pilots saw it as an opportunity to get back into the sky at a price that wouldn't bust the family budget.

Also labeled: LSAs

Article: Making A Splash In The LSA World

If you need convincing that LSA represent a valuable adjunct to traditional GA models, look no further than the amphibian world.

Also labeled: LSAs

Article: The Handsome, All-Terrain Bush Plane

Larry Labor followed a life path many pilots can identify with: After learning to fly in his youth, college, career (pharmacist) and family all conspired to keep him from the joys of the sky for decades.

Also labeled: LSAs

Article: The“i”s Have It

The family resemblance between the CTLSi and the original CT is clear, reflecting the series' evolutionary development.

Also labeled: LSAs

Article: Beautiful, Nimble, Stout And Fast…

So, what do you do if you're a national aerobatic champion, and you want to get to the next level? If you're Walter Extra, you design a new airplane—and 30 years ago, that's just what he did.