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Article: 10 Flying Techniques From Great Aviators

One of the great joys of this job is that I've been allowed to interview and get to know some of the most interesting pilots in aviation.

Article: 10 Sexiest Airplanes

We thought we were doing something really clever when we came up with the "10 Sexiest Airplanes" idea. It wasn't until we delved into making up the list that we came face-to-face with the need to define the term "sexy."

Article: 10 Affordable Classics

Affordable classics might seem an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, but in fact, there are more of them available than you might imagine. Before we could home in on the top 10, however, we had to define exactly what we meant by “affordable” and...

Article: Faces Behind The Microphone

Pilots and air traffic controllers share a unique...

Article: 10 Fast Fixes For Lousy Landings

Article: 10 Sexiest Airplanes

Okay, we freely admit it: What started as a simple exercise, to select the 10 sexiest airplanes in the world, has turned out to be one of the most difficult and divisive projects in which we've ever been involved.

Also labeled: Aircraft Bargains, Best Buys

Article: Top 10 Faux Fighters

Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Tomcat, Sabre, Mustang, hero, testosterone, girls, speed, aerobatics, G-force. What do all these words have in common?...

Article: The 10 Dumbest Things Pilots Do

Ask ...

Article: 10 Cheapest Birds In The Sky

As much as those of us in the industry might wish it otherwise, flying is definitely one of the more expensive pastimes. Unfortunately, some pilots simply accept the realities of expensive flying costs without investigating the alternatives....

Article: The 10 Commandments Of Aviation Safety

Article: 25 Bargain Birds For 2005

Compiling any list of the 25 best bargain buys in general aviation is almost guaranteed to ruffle some...

Article: 10 Undervalued Classics

Given the way that prices on just about...