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Turbine Twins

Article: The New Citation CJ3+

I'm going to admit it right up front: I've always admired the Cessna CJ3 from afar but frankly, it's a bit, (okay, a lot) out of my price range, so it's a plane that I've only dreamed about. But dreams are good, and wow, what an airplane!

Article: Finding The Perfect Turbine

With an improving economy and fuel prices headed down, the turbine market is heating up.

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Article: Citation Step-Up Magic

Cessna understands the old wisdom that when you reduce the price, you appeal to new buyers, and when you add performance, old customers upgrade. The new Citation M2 demonstrates that seriously good things happen when you can do both.

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Article: Shopping In The Fast Lane

The market for turbine aircraft is slowly turning around, used inventories for many models are decreasing and some manufacturers are starting to cautiously ramp up production.

Also labeled: Buyer's Guide, Turbine Singles

Article: Double Down

I first fell in love with the Cessna 340 when my dad and I stopped at Harris Ranch for a steak salad on our way home from the Bay Area one day. (function(){ var flashvars = {affiliateSiteId:"85996",...

Article: Living Large

Making the transition from a fixed- gear piston into a turbine isn't easy, cheap or quick, but it's possible.

Article: Dream Machines

Whether you're just one lottery ticket away from your dream machine or you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, turbine power is the ultimate way to go. ...

Article: Cougar Baron: Most Happy Baron

In the world of corporate turboprops, 300 knots is something of a holy grail.

Article: Tradewind Turbine Bonanza

Hot-rodding ...

Article: The Littlest King Air

Too often, it seems the aviation press gives short shrift to one of the most important segments of...