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Article: Jets And Turboprops Buyer's Guide 2014

There are a few new models such as the Cessna M2, the Eclipse 550, and the HondaJet coming on line this year and a lot of incremental improvements being introduced. ...

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Article: Transition To A Turboprop

While many private pilots dream about someday flying a light jet, the reality for most of us goes no further than a "high-performance" retractable single or light twin.

Article: 2012 Piper Meridian

Article: Hope Springs Eternal

Among pilots, hope isn't the only thing that springs eternal; it's the next plane.

Article: Lancair Evolution: Revolutionary Homebuilt

When I flew my first homebuilt in 1973, a VariViggen with designer Burt Rutan in the second seat, the whole point of homebuilt airplanes was innovation with economy.

Article: 2009 Pilatus PC-12 NG

Also labeled: Specs, Piston Singles

Article: Second-Generation Pilatus PC-12

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Article: Epic LT: King Kong Turboprop

Nearly 30 years ago, I spent...

Article: Getting Better All The Time

When New Piper first...

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Article: TBM 850 Scorching The Airways With Style

Whoa, the simulator at SimCom never accelerated like this! I’ve...

Article: Blackhawk King Air 200XP: “Simply Good Business”

Turboprops have always occupied a unique niche in...

Article: The Evolution Of Epic

At a time when very light jets are all the rage,...

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