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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

70th Doolittle Raiders Reunion

The largest collection of B-25 Mitchells gathered since World War II

The AZ CAF crew of Maid In The Shade revel in taxiing at o'dark thirty at Grimes on the way to Wright-Patterson. The view out the cockpit of 18 B-25s in front of us
is one I'll never forget.
Raiders (left to right) Lt. Col. Edward Saylor, Maj. Thomas Griffin, Sgt. Dave Thatcher and Lt .Col. Dick Cole are center stage as the Doolittle Raid is celebrated at the memorial.

On Thursday morning, the Doolittle Raiders said thanks to all the crews of the B-25s at a breakfast at Grimes. Here they are with the crew of Pacific Princess.

Executive Suite taxis down the ramp at Grimes, with its crew waving at the fans standing at the fence to watch the amazing sight not seen for decades.

When asked to volunteer for a high-risk mission, more than 80 men put their life on the line. Not until they were on the Hornet steaming to sea did they know that they would be taking the war to Japan. Their dedication was honored by that of the 20 B-25 crews who journeyed to Dayton to fly for only a few minutes overhead. But in those minutes, they said a lifetime of thanks from a country forever grateful for this sense of duty 70 years ago, when they launched off the pitching deck of a carrier. The Doolittle Raider Reunion has occurred many times in the years past, and at the closing of the 70th, it was announced there will be another one in 2013 in Florida. I hope all five are there to hear the thanks once again for what they did for this nation!

B-25J Panchito—Mardela Springs, Md.
B-25J Pacific Princess—Chino, Calif.
B-25A Miss Hap—Farmingdale, N.Y.
B-25J Russian To Get Ya—San Antonio, Texas
B-25J Betty's Dream—Houston, Texas
B-25D Grumpy III—Mukilteo, Wash.
B-25J Axis Nightmare—Batavia, Ohio
B-25D Yankee Warrior—Ypsilanti, Mich.
B-25J Executive Sweet—Ventura, Calif.
B-25J Special Delivery—Galveston, Texas
B-25J Champaign Gal—Urbana, Ohio
B-25H Barbie III—Marathon, Fla.
B-25J Tondelayo—Stow, Mass.
B-25J Take Off Time—Philadelphia, Pa.
B-25J Old Glory—Coulterville, Calif.
B-25J Miss Mitchell—Baxter, Minn.
B-25J Show Me—St. Louis, Mo.
B-25J Yellow Rose—Midland, Texas
B-25J Maid in the Shade—Mesa, Ariz
B-25J/PBJ-1J Devil Dog—Midland, Texas


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