Thursday, October 28, 2010

Air-to-Air Photo Flight

Go behind the scenes on an air-to-air photo mission!

Producer/Director Ron Mohrhoff provides P&P another aviation video! Blue Angels pilot Len Anderson flies formation in a Citation CJ3 with pilots Melanie Endsley, Marty Sprinzen, and P&P Light Jet Editor Cyrus Sigari. Bonanza photoship pilot Ron Mohrhoff flies P&P Editor Jessica Ambats for photos over Southern California's Malibu shoreline. Video footage by Ned Greenop and Ron Mohrhoff.

The flight was in celebration of Melanie having earned her single-pilot type rating in the CJ3. Her achievement came after just 300 hours total time, which included 150 hours in a Cessna 172 G-1000 and 70 hours of jet time. Congrats Melanie!


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