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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Escorted Adventures

Taking full advantage of being a pilot in Central America

Escorted AdventuresBob and Jill Blettner flew from Wisconsin down to Key West, Fla., in their Cessna Centurion to meet Thierry Pouille for the first time. Jimmy and Diane Jones came from Georgia in their C-206. Don and Arlene Stoppe flew their Seneca from New Hampshire. Philippe Harsch arrived from Paris, and Marc Cotte from Johannesburg, South Africa. All came for a single reason: to join in a fast-growing activity in general aviation—escorted adventures with Thierry Pouille and his company, Air Journey." />

If you could look inside Thierry’s brain, it would look much like that page in the airline magazine that shows the spiderweb of available trips arcing out in all directions. He loves what he does for a living, and his lust for flying and adventure, plus the demand from his clientele, keeps him designing and perfecting new trips all the time. This year, he has agreed to lead a trip for the Cessna Pilots Association, another for the Piper Malibu owners, as well as Cirrus, Mooney and Socata owners. While Thierry is off flying, Sophie is back in Florida arranging the details for the next adventure. The newest Air Journey destinations include a 26-day trip from Key West, Fla., all the way down around Cape Horn in South America, and an Atlantic crossing, via Greenland and Iceland, to Europe for the Paris Air Show!

Upon the group’s return from Central America after more than two weeks on the road, surprisingly no one seems in a hurry to go home. There is both glee from the accomplishment and sadness to see the group going its separate ways.

“Everyone comes in as a stranger, and when it’s over, we’re all friends,” smiles Thierry. He will soon send them a collection of photos he has taken of each of them along the entire route.

"I feel like this is so much better than the old way of traveling around on commercial airliners,” adds Jimmy.

“I really want to do more trips with you, Thierry,” says Bob.

Amid hugs and handshakes, Thierry tells them, “We’ll stay in touch, you watch. I’m still exchanging e-mails and Christmas cards with people who went on my first trips seven years ago!”

Find out more about the group’s trip and a complete list of itineraries by calling Air Journey LLC at (888) 554-3774 or by logging on to www.airjourney.com.


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