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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Katmais And Cubs: A Desert Adventure

Two superb backcountry aircraft take on the Utah Canyonlands

Moab Valley Flying Resources
A backcountry tour through the breathtaking strips in the Utah desert is achievable by any pilot with moderate experience. The best approach is to base out of Canyonlands Airport (KCNY) and fly day trips to the vast array of airstrips within a short hop of the airport. The town of Moab provides a wide array of accommodations and amenities, and is more than adequately supplied with grocery stores, pharmacies and sporting goods. It's also an excellent location from which to launch river tours, rafting, hiking, photography expeditions or just some lazy floating along the crisp waters of the Colorado River. Planning is the key to a safe and successful desert strip adventure, and there are plenty of resources to assist pilots.

Fly Utah! Pilot's Guidebook

Galen Hanselman has written several guidebooks that are considered "Bibles" for pilots. His Fly Utah! handbook details each backcountry strip, with everything from frequencies to tips and techniques. It's a must-have for the Southwestern desert.

Utah Backcountry Pilots

This website has up-to-the-minute information on all the backcountry strips.
It's also a great place to get backcountry training and advice.

GH-UT Utah Supplemental WAC Chart

Fifty-seven of the backcountry strips listed in Fly Utah! have never been depicted on an aeronautical chart. This WAC chart supple­ment is critical for any back-country flying in Utah. It's laminated and beautifully printed.


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