SIAI-MARCHETTI S.205 (WACO 5.220)/S.2018

STANDARD DATA: (S.205-20/R) Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,755. Empty wt. 1,630. Fuel capacity 56. Engine 200-hp Lycoming. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 174. Cruise mph 159. Stall mph 52. Initial climb rate 865. Range 940. Ceiling 17,650. Takeoff distance (50′) 1,340. Landing distance (50′) 1,540. STANDARD DATA: (S.202-22/R) Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,755. Empty wt. 1,653. Fuel more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats Seats 3. Gross wt. 2,430. Empty wt. 1,543. Fuel capacity 63. Engine 260-hp Lycoming. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 235. Cruise mph 214. Stall mph 65. Initial climb rate 1,770. Range 1,275. Ceiling 21,370. Takeoff distance (50′) 1,390. Landing distance (50′) 1,610. The Siai-Marchetti SF.260 looks very much like the Procaer Picchio except for more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 3,086. Empty wt. 1,763; (TC) 1,850. Fuel capacity 86. Engine 250-hp Lycoming 10-540 (TC) 250-hp Lycoming TIO-540. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 192; (TC) 230. Cruise mph 189; (TC) 215. Initial climb rate 1,200; (TC) 1,126. Ceiling 20,000; (TC) 25,000. Range 966; (TC) 962. Takeoff distance (50′) 2,099; (TC) 1,953. Landing more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats 1. Gross wt. 1,862. Engine 220-hp Hispano 8B. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 139. Initial climb rate 1,500. Range 185. Ceiling 21,800. This famous World War I French fighter was designed and built by the Societes des Productions Armand Deperdussin and thus received the abbreviated nickname SPAD. The model S13 became available to French, more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats 3. Gross wt. 2,150. Empty wt. 1,310. Engine 120-hp Walter. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 105. Cruise mph 92. Landing mph 45. Initial climb rate 500. The Spartan C-3 was one of the three-seat open cockpit biplanes that were highly popular in the Midwest during the late 1920s. The tandem cockpits had accommodations for more »

Sport Cruiser Rises

Introduced just over a decade ago, the Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser is one of the most popular Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) on the market. With more than 600 operating worldwide and more than 300 in the United States alone, the two-seater continues to impress pilots and to get better. I’d heard good things about more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats 1. Gross wt. 804. Empty wt. 584. Fuel capacity 10. Engine 40-hp Volkswagen. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 122. Cruise mph 112. Stall mph 46. Initial climb rate 690. Range 422. Ceiling 19,700. Takeoff run 427. Landing roll 328. Although the Sportavia RF4D had been around since 1966, it wasn’t too widely known until more »


STANDARD DATA: (Model 19) Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,500. Empty wt. 860. Fuel capacity 18. Engine 85-hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 120. Cruise mph 110. Stall mph 38. Initial climb rate 700. Range 300. Ceiling 17,000. STANDARD DATA: (Ranch Wagon) Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,150. Empty wt. 670. Fuel capacity 12. Engine 65-hp Lycoming. PERFORMANCE: more »


STANDARD DATA: Seats 6. Gross wt. 3,725. Empty wt. 2,350. Engine 220-hp Wright Whirlwind. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 126. Cruise mph 108. Landing mph 53. Initial climb rate 750. Range 678. Ceiling 15,000. Travel Air Manufacturing Co., of which Walter H. Beech was an officer, introduced the Travel Air 6000 in 1928. It was a six-seat more »


STANDARD DATA: (E) Seats 4. Gross wt. 4,200. Empty wt. 2,563. Fuel capacity 125. Engine 300-hp Jacobs radial. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 185. Cruise mph 177. Initial climb rate 1,170. Range 600. Ceiling 18,000. STANDARD DATA: (S series) Seats 5. Gross wt. 3,250. Empty wt. 1,945. Fuel capacity 70. Engine 225-hp Jacobs. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 144. more »


Waco 1BA Waco UPF-7 STANDARD DATA: (UPF) Seats 2. Gross wt. 2,650. Empty wt. 1,870. Fuel capacity 50. Engine 220-hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 138. Cruise mph 123. Climb to 9,000 in 15 minutes. Ceiling 15,800. Waco open-cockpit biplanes were first produced in 1923. The most popular and common survivor is the UPF-7 (PT-14) because more »

What’s Going On with Cessna Denali Turboprop?
Cessna Denali

What exactly is happening with the emerging Cessna Denali single-engine turboprop and when can customers get theirs? The first question is easy. The second one is coming into sharper focus. In concept, the new turboprop is a direct competitor to the Pilatus PC12. Both planes are priced at more than $4.5 million. At 285 knots, more »

Who Knew A Crop Duster Could Do This!

Where the Fire Boss is needed most, there are no runways. So how does this highly-modified crop duster, capable of delivering 800 gallons of water to remote wildfires, secure its H20 cargo?  Here’s the scoop: The Fire Boss, a revamped Air Tractor AT-802, stores its water load in about 15 seconds by skimming the surface more »

WREN 460

STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,800. Empty wt. 1,690. Fuel capacity 65. Engine 230-hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 160. Cruise mph 151. Stall mph 31. Initial climb rate 1,080. Range 1,150. Ceiling 19,200. Takeoff run 270. Landing roll 250. Until the first part of 1972, the Wren Aircraft Corp. in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactured more »


  STANDARD DATA: Wright Flyer Seats 1. Gross wt. 750. Empty wt. 605. Fuel capacity 24. Engine wt. 180 lbs & 12-hp. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 26. Range 120′. Ceiling 10′. Takeoff distance 60′. December, 1903, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully flew the first powered aircraft.

ZLIN Z 526 L & Z-242L

STANDARD DATA: (526 L) Seats 2. Gross wt. 2,150. Empty wt. 1,521. Fuel capacity 24. Engine 200-hp Lycoming. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 158. Cruise mph 140. Stall mph 56. Initial climb rate 1,378. Range 310. Ceiling 22,300. Takeoff distance (50′) 1,050. Landing distance (50′) 1,345. The Zlin’s impressive record in aerobatic competition includes awards for first more »