Gleim Aviation

Since 1980, the Gleim Aviation team of experienced pilots, instructors, writers, designers, programmers, and customer service representatives have developed and published aviation training materials to help pilots and mechanics excel in aviation. Millions of FAA knowledge tests have been passed using the unique Gleim knowledge transfer system. Gleim offers a library of training books for more »


Everything You Need To Pass Your FAA Tests And Prepare For The Cockpit In One Popular New App MySkyForce is a complete private pilot training course and lifetime reference source all in one easy-to-use app for your mobile device. Make the most of your training time in the cockpit by being really prepared before you more »

New Features In Sporty’s Learn to Fly, Instrument Courses
Sporty's Learn to Fly Course

With the launch of its 2020 video courses for new pilots and for those seeking an instrument rating, Sporty’s has answered the question we’ve asked ourselves so many times before: What more could they possibly do to make these courses better? The answer, once again is, “Plenty.” The courses sell for $249 each, and while more »