4 thoughts on “20 Tips For IFR Flying

  1. Great article about Instrument flying. As I look into my own weakness, how can i or what techniques do pilots use to help them know there location at all times without radar/gps?

  2. Just a minor detail, in Army Aviation, we can initiate an approach regardless of the wether minimums. Not sure what the other services require. So we, in essence, can also “take a look”. Good info overall though.

  3. I’d add to your excellent points: (1)the critical need for ifr students to do some training in actual imc conditions.Incredibly, one can obtain the rating (through well known schools in fact) by using hood time-without ever flying through clouds,rain,etc. Find a cfii willing to sit with you while you build your confidence.Any school owes it to its students.
    Also(2) partial panel night work under the hood(including spin recovery ) is a great confidence builder for real pilots.

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