5 thoughts on “20 Tips For IFR Flying

  1. Great article about Instrument flying. As I look into my own weakness, how can i or what techniques do pilots use to help them know there location at all times without radar/gps?

  2. Just a minor detail, in Army Aviation, we can initiate an approach regardless of the wether minimums. Not sure what the other services require. So we, in essence, can also “take a look”. Good info overall though.

  3. I’d add to your excellent points: (1)the critical need for ifr students to do some training in actual imc conditions.Incredibly, one can obtain the rating (through well known schools in fact) by using hood time-without ever flying through clouds,rain,etc. Find a cfii willing to sit with you while you build your confidence.Any school owes it to its students.
    Also(2) partial panel night work under the hood(including spin recovery ) is a great confidence builder for real pilots.

  4. Hello Bill, what an Informative article and happy to read that many of the issues brought up are drilled home daily by my flight instructors.

    I am on the tail end of finishing my multi IFR in Cranbrook, B.C. Ferrying flights sounds like an incredible way to build experience and see some of the world. Do you know if there are opportunities for low hour pilot’s to sit co-pilot and learn from experienced captain’s like yourself? Any info is greatly appreciated @lawsoneberhard

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