15 thoughts on “2016 Light-Sport Aircraft: LSA Choices Galore

  1. Nice article. But i need to point an error: pipistrel is not an italian company. It is from Slovenia (italian pipistrel is a subsidiary company from Pipistrel Slovenia).


  2. Why didn’t I see anything about the Sting S4? Honestly, out of all the LSA flying machines I’ve flown, the S4 is the only one worth buying. Especially if you’re planning to fly CC. My last trip was over 8 hours in-flight and we still had fuel to burn. Love Love Love the STING S4. Love it!

  3. The Sting S4 is indeed one of the better LSA, but to say it’s “the only one worth buying” is a bit too much hyperbole. That’s like saying “The Toyota Camry is the only family sedan worth buying”. Yeah, it’s a good car, but it’s hardly the only game in town worth buying.

    The big problem with the Sting S4 is the price. It is definitely at the top end of LSA prices. I believe a new S4, optioned-out, will set you back about $180,000. That’s a lot, especially when you can get great aircraft like the CTLSi for $20,000+ less. With the exception of Cub-lookalikes, there simply isn’t a significant enough marketplace for LSA aircraft that approach $200K.

  4. Has an article ever been published in Plane and Pilot to discuss the more affordable LSA aircraft? The six-figure prices for these kits is beyond what many are prepared to invest and I think it keeps newer pilots grounded. No doubt the aircraft listed in this article are great aircraft but I would love to see a good Top Ten list of the most affordable LSA aircraft geared toward sport pilots. Thanks.

  5. Are there any three seater LSA that are rugged and suitable enough for CC and hot and high airfields? I’d appreciate any pointers.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi Graham,

    By definition LSAs are limited to two seats in the U.S., so there aren’t any three seat airplanes that can be legally registered with the FAA as light sport aircraft.

  7. The Sling 2 is a very nice flying plane. I tried several LSA (Sling, CTLS, Aerotrek, and Sting S3) and the Sling was my favorite as far as comfort and easy to fly. Wide seats, great visibility, 1100 fpm climb, and really easy to land due to well designed flaps (very forgiving compared to some of the others).

  8. Correct me if I am wrong,but I think the s4 is not a lite sport. The gross weight is too heavy for lite sport

  9. I have the sensenitch adjustable prop on my Remos 600. Consistent 125 mph at 5200 rpm on notch 3 have not tried 4 yet .Definitely worth the money over what came with the Remos ,ground roll at gross about 320 feet and still climbs 1000 plus .
    Heat works well at 22 degrees f this morning at 2800 ft.

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