4 thoughts on “2017 Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser

  1. I have a serious issue with a payload of 285 lbs. That’s not even enough for two “average” 170 lb. adults, not to mention any baggage. Everything else about the airplane sounds great, however I am looking for a true 2-place cross-country airplane, and this airplane only has the payload of a single-place.

  2. I have a 2008 Remos ,does everything great, little twitchin the wind ,cruise 115 120 mph alone takeoff about 100 feet ,about 300 feet at gross.sportcruiser is much more comfortable will be next plane.

  3. Most comfortable seats I ever sat in a small plane, never tried heat ,my remos great heat to about 15 degrees f .Fantastic flying small planesportcruiser.

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