2017 Zlin Outback Shock Specifications

PHOTO: Joey Maggio

The airplane flown for this report was the first production model in the United States. It was outfitted with all equipment as seen in the accompanying photos with commonly ordered avionics (a wide variety is available and can be installed in the USA). Exterior paint and interior finish are standard for the Outback Shock, though other choices are available. The review airplane was equipped with a new Titan X-340 engine and has demonstrated compliance with relevant ASTM standards used to gain acceptance by FAA.

Price As Flown: $168,005 (includes all base price items plus 26-inch tires, radio, transponder, ADS-B In)

Base Price: $154,900 (includes Titan X-340 engine, slats, carbon components package, side shocks, 23-inch tires)

Engine: 100 hp Rotax/180 hp Titan

Propeller: Sensenich/Catto, 72-inch diameter

Seats: 2 (tandem)

Wing Span: 29.5 feet

Length: 22.4 feet

Height: 7.4 feet with Alaskan 29-inch tires

Wing Area: 163.7 square feet

Wing Chord: 66.5 inches

Wing Loading: 8.2 pounds/square foot

Load Factor: +6/-3 Gs

Cabin Width: 27.1 inches

Undercarriage Width: 7.8 feet

Gross Weight (MTOW): 1,320 pounds

Empty Weight: 690 pounds

Useful Load: 630 pounds

Payload (Full Fuel): 468 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 13.5 gallons per side

Never Exceed Speed (with Slats): 115 mph

Maximum Operating Speed: 112 mph

High Cruising Speed: 90 mph/105 mph

Cruising Speed at 75% power: 80 mph/90 mph

Climb Rate: 1,000 fpm/1,600+ fpm

Stall Speed, Full Flaps: 23 mph/26 mph (gross weight)

Service Ceiling: 15,750 feet

Range At 65% power: 302 nm/265 nm

Takeoff Roll (Solo): 115 feet/86 feet

Takeoff Roll (Gross Weight): 188 feet/110 feet

Landing Roll (Solo): 56 feet/75 feet

Landing Roll (Gross Weight): 115 feet/115 feet

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