7 thoughts on “5 Reasons The Pilatus PC24 Will Be Disruptive

  1. I think the following has a typo…should read PC24 not 12.
    It’s slow. I know we said that it’s fast, and it is, but it’s also slow, with a stall speed of just 81 knots at max landing weight. Along with its high-lift flap system, the PC12 has a balanced field length of 3,130 feet, giving it the capability of utilizing many airports that previously weren’t suitable for some turboprops.

  2. I’m so glad Robert Goyer has moved to Plane & Pilot. This article is intelligent, brief, and to the point. Unlike another magazine that has articles that read like a cheap tabloid.

  3. I caught that typo too 🙂 Great article Robert. I think it will affect CJ4 sales more than the 300 but the 300 will be hit hard as well. I’m sure Cessna has something on the drawing board to compete.

  4. Robert,

    I agree the PC-24 will be disruptive … and a big winner in the marketplace.

    Advantage #6 of the PC-24 is the cabin. It is significantly larger than the competition (CJ4 and Phenom 300), has a flat floor and the baggage area is accessible during flight.

    The PC-24’s balanced field length (MTOW, ISA, Sea level) is 2810 not 3130 as listed in your article.

  5. Re balanced field length of 3130 feet: Beware that non-paved runways create more rolling resistance than paved runways! This will affect takeoff performance.

  6. Here’s a sixth reason the PC24 will be disruptive:
    With a balanced field length of 3,130 feet, the PC24 will be capable of operating out of Santa Monica airport even if the mamsy pansies have their way and do get to shorten the runway to 3,500 feet. Oh yea!!!

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