5 thoughts on “AERO COMMANDER “LARK”

  1. I am looking to by an aero commander but would like to Land on a ruff strip. Is it possible to put on some struts and bush tires?

  2. I have owned one for 5 years in northern BC. The tires are 6×600 and I land on grass and gravel strips just fine. There are very few STC’s for this bird. You will have to go “Owner’s Maintenance” or get an engineer to put his stamp on your idea.
    The rims will support 8.50 tires on the mains. You will need to modify the front fork to make room for a larger tire. Next, Look for a climb prop, and put on some vortex generators. After that, you will need to look at some horse power modifications. I’ve really enjoyed owning this plane.

  3. I am looking at one of these aircraft. Are there any AD’s for this aircraft? Any Problems or concerns, likes and dislikes?

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