One thought on “Asleep On Autopilot

  1. Hopefully this article will be the cause for many recreational pilots to take pause. I hope ATPs are entrenched enough in company SOPs to be immune to this.

    When I was training for my Private license, I was taught IMSAFE, which stood for Illness, Medicine, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, and Emotions/Eating, all on their own items important enough to be taken care of before a flight.

    This IMSAFE has kept me grounded the past 10 years plus, as I have failed at least one many times, after a work downsizing, losing my wife to cancer, and raising my then 5 year-old by myself. Work being a series on contracts keeps the money tight, so an F could be included (somewhere ?) in IMSAFE as a no-go reason, but I’d think that most would only consider a flight if they were able to afford it, without not paying the rent.

    I enjoy armchair flying through magazines, and have actually just taken my medical prior to sitting left sea with an experienced right seat Instructor to once again take some hard earned cash and turn it into airplane exhaust noise. I have to write a short exam, and I think, wisely, spend some quality time getting rid of some rust, with a patient Instructor. before once again being set free to go solo.

    Considering myself to be IMSAFE is an ongoing task, but one that I have incorporated into my everyday life. Its not just flying that can kill you.

    Anyway, too long a rant, when I basically just wanted to thank you for reminding us all that fatigue can be or nearly be fatal.

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