3 thoughts on “At Home With Bob Hoover

  1. Can you tell me how I can contact Bob Hoover. I was on one of the B-17s (200) that flew the POWs out of Barth, Germany. (Stalag Luft 1) one week after the war ended. I am now 92 and flew with the 305th Bomb Group. Perhaps he can call me in Delaware at 724 777 3991. Thanks so much.

  2. I know that bob hoover is no longer with us BUT in his history of a crash that happened in the era 1950 is their more information on what happened to the plane that Margaret Ritchie who was one of his extensive test pilots George her husband worked on her plane before she tested it in the air. I would like to know what caused the crash, and what plane she was flying when she died, this is for personal family history only. Also other planes and modles did she test or fly during her time with Bob Hoover. I was only 10 when she died and family didn’t keep any clippings of her death, I know her name was Margaret Ritchie her married name but didn’t know her maiden name. can you help me. is their a magazine that this would be in or his life history when I google this information it doesn’t finish the article it just ends with Mr Ritchie’s wife Margaret, and Mr Ritchie is no long with us either for some time now.

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