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August 2022 Crossword Key

Crossword Puzzle - August 2022


1 Makers of the world’s largest cargo aircraft, the AN-225

5 8-track tape inventor

7 Raw metal

10 Mass times acceleration

11 Some FADEC planes have just one

12 No fly ___

13 Iron symbol

14 Kind of cockpit David Clark aims to fix

16 NAA trophy honoring the top achievements in aerospace over the past year


18 Word before jets and after cargo

19 Avoid’s other half

20 Hyundai’s air taxi company now in partnership with Miami

23 Often said to be “the thing”

25 Brand that’s part of Textron Aviation  

28 Escape ___ 


29 Device that converts chemical energy into mechanical energy

31 Air missions or airmen?

32 According to Gemini astronauts, what spam goes in

33 What the laser did to the cockpit

34 Modernized with the latest features


1 Aircraft radio navigation system that senses and indicates the direction of a ground transmitter, abbr.


2 Jet engine, example

3 Opposite of SSW

4 Developer of emerging eVTOL

5 Straight’s other half

6 Invisibility element of lift

8 City associated with aviation speed

9 Notify

13 Sense that “seat of the pants” describes

14 Technically, not the conventional type

15 Pilots say “affirmative” instead of this

17 ___ pinch, 2 words

21 What you need to do when the controller says “immediately”

22 Short for an IFR go-around

24  Complicated FAA time of day

26 In no way

27 Change to meet changing circumstances

30 Cold in the air

31 Microsleep

32 Element symbol or texting shortcut for bye-bye 

Crossword Key - August 2022


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