4 thoughts on “Aviation Career Update 2014

  1. “Pilot candidates—and the public—need to stop focusing on the low starting salary of regional airline pilots,” comments Templeton.

    Or you know, the airlines could actually pay a decent starting salary that justifies the cost in acquiring the necessary training to become an airline pilot. Or, hey the airlines could pay for the training! And that $60K annual salary Mr. Templeton mentions? Well, you can expect to reach that point after about 7-8 years…..maybe….

  2. “All good news”?!? So we are now INCREASING the training cost to fly for the airlines, more than quadrupling the hours and experience requirements with no increase in pay when you get there (to pay off your training and whoever fronted you 1200hrs of flight time to get to 1,500), tighter and more expensive medical requirements and the same perils of mergers, layoffs, and gutted pensions that are unique to the airlines.

    Like numbers? If you charged $10 per pax per leg there would be an additional $80k PER YEAR for every current flight crew member in the U.S. There has never been a pilot shortage vis a vis nursing, engineering, teaching… those industries all increased pay across the board and fixed it.

  3. I’ve been hearing about a pilot shortage for the past 5-6 years at least! Also, who in their right mind (other than someone really passionate about flying) would pursue a career with all the obstacles that the ATP career path represents?
    getting paid 30k-40k a year for 5-8 years before moving to the majors is just an insult to the profession. A profession that costs near 100k to achieve not to mention the 1,500 hours pre-requisite.
    Sorry, I’m better off being an engineer making 80-100k a year since pretty much out of college than eating shit for 5-8 years in a regional.

  4. There are a couple of people thinking along the right lines. Have the airline pay for the training in return for an agreed upon commitment from the pilot to stay with that airline for “x” amount of years. Like sports and free agency. Happy pilots equals increased on-time flights.

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