3 thoughts on “Big News On Cessna Diesel Skyhawk

  1. Well, this is an improvement over the original, but reflective of Cessna’s less than bold action. C’mon. This engine is a beast. Pump it up to 199 hp, and let the Skyhawk rip. Mark my works, the hp of this engine will be increased by increments over the coming years.

    Second, a half-mil for a Skyhawk? And Cessna really expects stellar sales? OK, if the bird takes off like a rocket, what argument can GA make about user fees? If you got the $$ to buy this, you likely have $10 to land it on asphalt.

  2. Dropping a half million on a bird that can’t fill 4 seats with guys is nuts….Cessna you need to join the 21st century….. or sell it for $80k

  3. Performance numbers seem good; but what about the most important number fuel burn? Is it under the fuel burn of the 100LL Skyhawk (10gal./hour)? The price seems higher than the gas skyhawk of about $100,000.

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