4 thoughts on “Mysteries of Flight: Biggest Airplane In The World

  1. “…really big show”.
    SHOE! It was ALWAYS, “A really big shoe”!
    Show? You ain’t from around here, is ya?

  2. Agreed. Note to fellow comrades: An-225 drawn as humor on two (2) napkins at bar on Red Square, just down from Tomb of Lenin………it was KGB sponsored BOGO Vodka night……..

  3. I would go with Hughes Spruce Goose.

    Saying Hughes one flight doesn’t qualify as flying because it flew in ground effect would mean that the Wright Brothers inaugural flights that were only 10 feet above ground were not flights either.

    So until the AN-225 does fly, Hughes H-4 Hercules is the biggest in my opinion.

  4. All I wanna see is a picture of the wing spar assembly on that 225. Now, THERE’S your “engineering feat.”

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