2 thoughts on “Blackhawk Delivers For Cessna Caravan

  1. Good article. Well written and enjoyable to read.

    However I am disappointed to see 300 lbs of unsecured lead in the aft passenger cabin. This is completely outside of the Cessna loading procedures and would not be approved by Cessna, any licensed operator, or the FAA. If the aircraft were to encounter turbulence, or a minor landing mishap this could be anything from destructive to deadly. If some ballast were needed (really?) why not take a couple of buddies for a ride instead? Or add some fuel to the copious fuel tanks? Since when did a demonstrating company want to add weight when showing off performance? 300 lbs is negligible to a Caravan and any pilot would be hard pressed to even notice a difference, being less than 3% of a nearly 9000 lb MGTOW.

    I don’t buy it.

    This is about handling. The Blackhawk Caravan is extremely nose heavy with 120 lbs WAY out front added to a design that never anticipated such a heavy installation, the C of G is far from optimum. Hence with 2 pilots (also well forward of the wing) an empty Blackhawk Caravan is quite a pig to rotate on takeoff and flare to land. That lead was there to produce a nice handling flight for an impressionable pilot who might otherwise have had difficulties rotating on takeoff and may have run out of elevator in the flare on landing. There is nothing wrong with carrying ballast for C of G reasons but I find it disappointing that this was not apparent, and the evident disregard of safe loading and securing of cargo was a poor show.

  2. Gary,

    Cummon mate. Those weights are bolted down. There is zero chance the pilots would have taken off were they not. Forget regulations etc, Goyer et al presumably possess at least an average amount of common sense. It wouldn’t happen. While mostly obscured by some paper or cloth a frame is attached to the seat runners in the floor and the weights are bolted to it.

    Nice article BTW. I bet they sell plenty of these at overhaul time.


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