16 thoughts on “Crazy Plainville Plane Crash Caught On Video

  1. i am sure the reflexs and spatial judgment of an 79 year old should come under question at some point for everyones safety you have to know when to hang em up

  2. This pilot’s cartwheel landing, whether intentional or not, was reminiscent of the technique WWII Navy pilots used to ditch in rough seas: catch one wingtip in the waves and cartwheel the plane, rather than suffering a high-inertia, jolting stop or flip.

  3. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots. This guy has been a pilot for a long time. Good for him. I have seen a lot younger pilots screw up a whole lot worse

  4. While probably not planned, using the aircraft to dissipate the G’s during the crash helps keep the pilot/pax safer in a crash. I’ve seen several videos where aircraft have gone wing over wing or ripped off wings on trees/poles and occupants have survived, some with only minor injuries.

  5. Age of the pilot may or may not have been a factor. Just because you het older doesn’t necessarily mean you “have to” hang them up. Let’s see what the investigation report comes up with before “we” make judgement with very little facts.

  6. I think this was not a purpose strategy…he avoid the first tree but couldn’t do the same with the second one, although he tired to veer to his left, he finally impacted the upper part of the tree. Very instructive video!!

  7. The vision doesn’t quite fit the eyewitness description. Descending, slow, full flap, prop turning. Be interesting to read the final investigation report.
    Lucky escape!

  8. He should be awarded “short field of the year” good stuff Manfred. You would have taken out best short field at our club. Cheers Rod

  9. The old saying that there are Old Pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. Why this prang happened I have no idea, but he used good judgement to park it on top of the tree. I`m not going to speculate as I am in Australia and fly an Aero Commander S ( S is the Shrike model ) and I am 73. I fly most days for work and a a few months ago ,flew from one end of the country to the other end, stopping three times for food and cold drinks etc plus fuel. At least this pilot has a story to tell, but give it time and we will all know the reasons why this happened

  10. I think this grandpa will still be flying till something else apart from air accident kills him.It’s a passion.More years to your wings,grandpa.Happy,you are ok!!

  11. There was probably some good luck involved there but my gut feeling tells me it was more experience and out of the box decision making. that saved his life. I am all about improved technology but I have serious doubts that a pilotless airplane could have reacted to that situation the way the pilot did.

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