2 thoughts on “CZAW SportCruiser

  1. I have look through what I can fins of you Sport Cruiser specs, and a 2011 version of the Pilots Operating Handbook, and nowhere can I find any information abou the electrical system. Is it 6v, 12v, 24v, or 28v? I am thinking about a sport cruiser but am pu off by the empty weight numbers, as high as 890 ib, that I have seen bandied about in one review or another. Since I live in Florida now full time,I know my wife will need some air on the ground at least and I am looking into the Corbi. But, everything has a weight penalty and if I were toget a sport cruise and the have to put a second generator on board to get 24v….that will kill the deal for me. I Haven’t talked to any actual aircraft sales people since they are barracudas. I tried one guy in Texas to get a usable weight and he tried to convince me that the plane was designed for 1759 so don’t worry about being abit heavy. I don’t think that second hand reference would sell well with the FAA. Anyway, what is the operating voltage on your airplane?

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