3 thoughts on “de Havilland Beaver

  1. how many seaplane versions have crashed and what reports are available.
    Nearly chose to fly to Cottage Point just before Seaplane crash on NYE 2017 sydney australia.

  2. Rather than being concerned about any “versions” of the Beaver which may have crashed, the person at the controls making the decisions would be a more appropriate focus. The Beaver is a time-tested, around-the-world-class, resilient piece of engineering. An adaptable aircraft with the same failing as all other aircraft, the inability to adapt to the lack of experience of the person in either of the chosen seats up front.

  3. I am a retired Army pilot of 37 years and first flew a Dehavland Beaver at Ft Walters, Texas in 1968. A great aircraft with only the AN2 Colt impressing me more in performance.

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