6 thoughts on “Desert Warbird Days

  1. I didn’t look at who wrote the story still the end. As I got more into the article it was obvious it was Patty. Good read Madam.

  2. Great story Patty thank you for sharing those memories male or female a gear head is a gear head

  3. Patty,
    Thanks for the memories! I got checked out in my Extra with Brian Howard out of your former hanger a few years after you left. I sure enjoyed looking at all the stuff you left behind–in the way of posters and other stuff on the walls. I too used to enjoy Avra Valley before the fences and it was one of my favorite hops from Tucson for breakfast at that wonderful airport restaurant. I even remember back when it was ok to land at Pinal but not to get out of the plane. It was a wonder time that I’ll never forget.

  4. “Desert Warbirds Days” was a superbly written story about the then and now of the aviation community, and the sexism that was rampant back then. Hopefully never to reappear again. Thanks for enlightening us Patty.

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